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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Side of Me

I kept forgetting to do this, so I wanted to hurry up and get this picture up here while I was thinking about it. Here I am! I'm in the bathroom yet again, but I stink at taking pictures of myself. So, the mirror is my only hope.

There is something a little difficult about trying to take a side picture. Do you put your arm down? Won't that obscure the view? Can anyone see where my waist is? If I move my arm out of the way, where do I put it?

I'm looking a little preppy today! It's the winter, I tell ya! Besides, I wanted to wear these pants. I just pulled the tags off of them last night, and they just fit. In another 10 lbs. or so, they are going to start getting too loose, but they are awesomely cool with a button AND drawstring waist. Since I don't own any belts right now, I'm thankful to have the drawstring.

That has me thinking though- I really should buy a belt or two.

When I checked my Fitday stats yesterday, it looked as though I have lost about 5 1/2 inches off of my hip area, and 5 inches off of my waist. I lost an inch or so around my thigh, and a 1/2 inch off of my calf. Even my forearms and my fingers are smaller. My sweet husband has said that he'll take me to have a couple of my rings resized, so I can wear them again.

I wonder, will my feet get skinnier too? I don't know if they have been permanently widened through gaining weight and waddling through three pregnancies. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

When I was a teen I was a size 10 shoe. With my first weight loss I drooped down to a 9, when I got pregnant dropped down to an 8, and I still do not understand how that happened. I have lost 45 pounds this time and dropped a half shoe size so far. I have also gone from a size 10 ring to a size 8, and I still have almost 90 pounds to go till goal. I am wondering if I will be in toddler sized shoes then !

Squishy ! said...

Heehee... that's too cute! You never know! Maybe you'll be able to buy Junior's shoes. My mom does! My feet will never get that small though. I'm just curious about the width, because I never had wide feet before, but as a heavier gal, they hang over the sides of dress shoes. I can't get shoes the next size up though, because they flop off of my feet. I just wonder if I should give it up and start looking for wide-width shoes from now on. :o )

Angie All The Way said...

Oh wow, congratulations on your success so far! I can tell you that I did have the experience of my shoe size going down a half a size when I lost weight. can't really explain it for sure because my feet weren't "fat" at all! I think it's due to the amount of weight that they carry which may or maynot cause them to fit wider in the shoes.

RYC: Lucy was also a shelter dog. She was abandonned and found running around in the cold on xmas day at the little age of approximately 3 1/2 months! She's a mixed breed, but has been identified as a "labra-beagle". She is small like a beagle and has the droopy adorable ears and white belly of a beagle, but has lab colouring. She's the cutest li'l thing ever! She has never lost her "puppy" look either :-)

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Good job on the wgt loss. need to add protein to your meals!! Protien will help you lose wgt.

Good luck!

Squishy ! said...

I do generally eat more protein as a part of my meals. :o ) I haven't been feeling all that well lately, so the lighter meals feel better on my system right now. Anything too dense sits like a brick in my stomach.

Marisa said...

I have lost 68 lbs. and dropped half a shoe size! Isn't that crazy??!!