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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sofa King Sore

I've been moving furniture, after shoveling a bunch of snow. I'm pretty sure that my arms are barely hanging on, and are about to fall off. As I was carrying couches last night (DH was helping as much as he could, but he's been real sick), I was actually shaking. Shaking!! I put the big sofa on my back, and all DH had to do was keep it tilted up enough that the end cleared the ground as I walked it to the back yard. The loveseat was more difficult though, because DH was feeling his masculinity sting, so he wouldn't let me carry the other sofa like that. Instead, we each carried one end. With the weight on my arms and shoulders, I barely made it to the back yard. My arms were shaking so hard, I was pretty sure that I'd end up busting my legs or feet with a couch. Somehow, I kept my fingers wrapped around the legs of the couch though.

When I went to bed last night, my shoulders were so sore. I had already been sore from shoveling the snow by myself. We have a corner lot, so there is a lot of sidewalk to clear, and I couldn't get the blower out of the shed. The locking closure was somehow stuck, and I couldn't get it open. So, I huffed and puffed my way through clearing the walks. I got it all done in 30 minutes, but my back started to feel tight. Now, I haven't been worried, because none of this soreness is spinal. I didn't hurt myself, but I think that I've been using some muscles differently. I am feeling this muscle fatigue through the backs of my shoulders, across the scapula, and wrapping around my ribs. I feel tight, strong, and have been standing much straighter! Ah, but I'm as weak as a newborn kitten. See? Arms- falling off.

I am wanting to exercise good and strong today, and I think that means that I'll find something that is mainly lower-body. To be quite honest, I feel that I really need to be working out real hard right now because the scale isn't moving. I'm seeing lots of other improvements in size, shape, and health... just not so much on the scale. I just figure that eventually, I am going to break through that wall. I will have worked my muscles to a level where I am metabolizing more fuel due to muscle mass, and that will push me further along on this journey. I know that because of my build, I'm starting to reach a point where muscle-building and fat loss is teetering some invisible scale. My scale can't help me understand exactly what is going on under the skin. I supposedly have a scale that measures body fat, but it has never worked properly from the day that I got it. I probably could have spent more money and bought a better scale, but it didn't seem that important. Really, I STILL think it's not that important. *laughs* I just need to stop viewing my weight as an indicator of success and health.

My husband was surprised to hear that I am interested in woman's bodybuilding. I would probably never get very far, because I value definition and beauty over size, but I think that I would like to at least try my hand at one competition. That is pretty far off in the distance though, and I may change my mind about wanting to put on a tiny bikini and get oily. The training though, it sounds like a lot of fun.

In addition to increasing my strength training, I would love to take Krav Maga. I wouldn't say that it is what most people typically think of when they think about martial arts. There are no competitions and shows where people break boards. Krav Maga basically trains someone to survive. It is used by the Israeli army, because they need to always be prepared to fight in tight places, particularly fending off knife and gun assaults. This is very appealing to me! I really enjoyed self-defense classes, and this seems like a logical next step up from learning how to break holds and such. I also like that while you do earn your belts, there are no set competitions. I don't care about that sort of thing, just being able to stand a fighting chance at protecting myself and my family if someone tried to do harm to us. If they could teach me how to kill an attacking dog before it completely removes my arm, that would be a plus. I hate to say it, but we walk around with quick-open knives when enjoying an afternoon walk. You never know about weirdos, and we've been trailed by some mean dogs before. No one should have to give their kid instructions on how and when to run for help while Mama "distracts" a nasty pit bull.

In the meantime, I am just working on eating a clean diet and working my muscles. I'd like to get back to the gym more often, but that might just have to wait until the weather is better. If there is anything that I like less than parking in the dark back lot by myself, it's doing so in the snow. *sigh* It all just makes me long for the spring. Then I can walk and jog in the park, and just go to the gym to heft weights. Even then, if the weather is nice, I can lift more at home and push the car around for exercise. *laughs*


Kud said...

I'm new to your blog and saw that you were a follower on mine. I think that defnition is so much better than aesthetics and I love love love strength training. I just think that sometimes if you see results in other ways, the scale is not the best indicator of health and for the most part is just a tool to measure the effects of gravity on our bodies. Sometimes I think we need a reminder of the science of weight rather than the emotional construct we seem to function on. Just my two cents :D