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Friday, January 23, 2009

Very Aware

I am very aware of my bottom today, not to mention my thighs. My goodness, it feels good and hurts, all at the same time. Shame on me, but I haven't felt this sore in some time. I imagine that my workout later is going to hurt in a very sweet way. I had better stretch real good beforehand.

As anticipated, the scale hasn't moved. I think that I'm going to leave off with weighing myself until Tuesday morning. I need to weigh in then for the BLBE2 challenge, though I am far from any real competitor. At least it keeps me honest and motivated.

Today is going to be another lower-carb day. I didn't have a good start yesterday, but I did exercise hard after having the more carb rich meal in the morning. Since I'm better prepared, I've done a better job of making food choices this morning, and will have an easier time making later meal choices because of it.

I need, need, need to remember to drink more water today. I don't mean to forget, but I tend to naturally prefer the dehydration for some strange reason. I'll settle into the habit of not drinking much, and while I enjoy not needing to hurry off to the bathroom ever 20 minutes, it doesn't help my body flush toxins or drop water weight.


Kud said...

I just would drink a glass of water every time I went to pee. Or maybe drink a glass of water right before you eat, and keep one on the side of your food to drink while you eat. I think eating liquids before eating dense foods will help you eat less overall. But i could be wrong. I hate peeing so much too and I really think I have an over efficient bladder with every 1 extra glass of water translating to 2 extra pee sessions. At least it keeps me on my feet.

Squishy ! said...

You know, I'm good about my water when I'm good about my water. *laughs* I just think that sometimes I get sick of the bathroom visits. I've heard it said that a person's body gets used to the increased water intake, but I've never had any relief when it comes to visiting the bathroom every 10-20 minutes. Maybe my bladder control isn't as good as it should be, but I just can't hold it any longer than that when I'm regularly drinking the water. It just runs right through me. It can be exhausting! :o )