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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walking For Warmth

While I said that I wasn't going to exercise today, my gas bill told me otherwise. *laughs* It's cold up in these parts, though it hasn't been too bad. The problem is just that we've had company over, and we don't expect our company to come over wearing layered clothing. So, we've been turning out heat up a bit for their comfort, and now it has to go back down again. I was disheartened to see that our bill was $250 for our gas and electric. That's not horrible, but it is much higher than the last bill.

Anyway, it all had me thinking about keeping warm. We keep our house between 66*- 68* during the day, and down to 64* at night. Now, while DH and Pumpkin are just fine, I am constantly freezing. I'm not talking about a little cold here. I tend to wear 3-5 layers of clothing, and sometimes put my coat on. I sleep in just as many layers, and then sleep under lots of bedclothes. I currently have this on my bed:
  • a sheet
  • a light woven blanket
  • a medium-weight polyester-based blanket
  • a sheet
  • a filled comforter
My daughter and husband are both quite comfortable under two layers of bedding, even with the heat turned down to 64*. DH tolerates the added layers because he knows how cold I am. He is a furnace, and I have to snuggle close to him to stay warm, even under my own nightwear and the blankets. When he leaves in the morning, I let the dog up onto the bed to keep me warm.

Today, even though I am wearing three layers (including a fleece pullover), I am still cold. This afternoon, I caved and hopped on the glider to walk for 20 minutes. Though I hadn't wanted to move around much while my stomach is all upset, it really helped to warm me up. I feel much better now, in the warmth department.

I just wonder why I am always so darned cold. DH used to think that it was cute how I was always so chilly and he'd use me to keep himself cooler. The novelty of it has worn off by now though, and I have to be sure to keep my socks on at all times lest I shock him out of his sleep.

Hey, I thought that fluffy girls were supposed to be better insulated, hence, warmer! My mom always complains about being cold, but she didn't start doing that until she lost a ton of weight through gastric bypass surgery. I can understand being cold if a gal is all skin and bones, but me?! I am a thick, solid gal. It seems strange that I should be huddled under the blankets, practically shaking with cold, while everyone else is toasty and warm.


hannah katherine said...

thank you for your comment - and i hope you stay warm! that's a COLD house and so many layers...maybe try some of those warm hands/warm feet packs?

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

One thing that I have found to help keep things warm using my crock pot overnight to make breakfast. I make a mix of steel cut oats and grains ( 1 cup total), add 7 cups of water and turn it on low right before we hit the sack. It throws off a fair amount of heat, plus leaves us with a cheap and healthy breakfast for the next morning. Another thign I used to do when we lived in a big old drafty Victorian house was make a lot of soups in the winter. Cooking liquids adds moisture and makes the place feel a lot warmer. The smell certainly does not hurt either !

Me, Only Better said...

I was cold all day too, and even ended up having a bath (not very energy efficient there!) to just get warm.

Normally I am not cold, but these days the chills seem to come. Maybe all the water we're drinking??

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Maybe you aren't as "squishy" as you think you are??

Marisa said...

LOL!!! It's the same way in my house! I am dressed for a blizzard and the husband is going to spontaneously combust at any moment!

Glad to be part of the BLBE - GO TEAM ANGIE!

Losing Myself said...

Sounds like our house I have a blanket and heating pad by my chair that keeps me warm. We also sleep under an electric blanket.