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Thursday, February 5, 2009

30 Day Shred: Level 1

I just got my DVD's last night, so I was excited to pop in the "30 Day Shred" video that I had ordered. Everyone seems to enjoy the pain of it so much, so I thought that I would give it a try also.

The first thing that I noticed about the video is that my sense of structure was fulfilled! Oh, what a blessed relief. *grins* I love it when people move in time with one another, and use good form. Thankfully, everyone was on the same pace. Jillian would point out modifications, and then get back into the exercise IN TIME. Yay!

Now that I am no longer panting and wondering if I can lift my weights one more time, I can say that I enjoyed this workout. I still stink at push-ups, but hopefully I'll get better at it. I'm a little concerned with the amount of high-impact cardio, because I don't know if my knees will handle that every day. I may have to make this more like a 60 day shred, and do something less stressful to the knees when they start to hurt. There is lots of jumping, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to feel. The jumping jacks were fine, but I struggled with the "jump rope". There is just something about that motion that gave me some actual pain. So, I decided to run in place while they "jumped rope". I wanted to keep my heart rate up, like it was supposed to be, and not wimp out just because I wasn't able to do that one exercise.

The only other concern that I have right now is that I may have to be more careful with my jumping jacks. My legs are fine, but my sternum is a little sore. So, I'll have to watch my range of movement for a couple weeks, until my body is more used to it. I'd hate to break that cartiledge again, and it's real easy to do after the initial injury. I am very hopeful that with good, regular exercise of my shoulders and chest, it might reduce my chances for injury overall. So, Jillian can help me get stronger, which will make me healthier!

All in all, I survived. I like the video a lot. I guess there is a reason why Jillian Michaels is my favorite trainer on BL. She kicks butt and expects you to do the same, without excuses. Bob is nice, but I don't need nice when I'm pouring sweat and don't have faith that I can make it any longer. I need someone to get in my face and remind me of how strong I am. Rarr! lol

I am going to try and do this Level 1 workout through this weekend, and the next week. If I have improved with my push-ups at all and don't feel like I'm going to die by the end of the workout- I'll try Level 2 at that point. I've got those other videos to try out also, so I can toss in a yoga workout with Level 1 Shred if I don't feel able to move to Level 2 by then.


Linda said...

I need to back to this. I've been Wii-Fiting so much I've neglected the recent DVD purchases I've made!!!

Sue said...

You are my hero! Keep up the good work Squishy. I haven't tried the Shred yet. I am worried about my knees too. But I am going to try it! :)

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Yay! Hey, wanna jump in on my February Shred Challenge??? C'mon...then you'll have to change your blog from Squishy to Shreddy!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I have read so many great reports about this DVD that I am jealous ! Sadly I will not be getting this one , as we live in a 3rd floor apartment and jumping jacks, stomping and things like Dance Dance revolution just will not go over well with downstairs neighbors. Till I move somewhere with a first floor or basement, I will have to let this one pass

Kari said...

I sorta worried about the high impact stuff as well as I have knee and ankle problems but I just pushed through it and thanfully they are still operating fine for me. lol. I'm aiming to do level 1 for one month and then move up to level 2 for one month, and so forth. Pushups are the thing I suck at the most but I just give it my best. My arms should be looking killer by summer!