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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Biggest Loser "Cardio Max" Level 1

I did the "Cardio Max" level 1 workout this afternoon with Bob. I was going to do "Power Sculpt" with Jillian, but I was working with Comcast OnDemand because my DVD's aren't here yet. With the OnDemand, they cut the beginning warm-up from Power Sculpt, so I chose the other video instead. I'll come back and write something about the sculpting when my DVD's come in.

I'm having mixed feelings about this workout. There were some things that I liked about it, and others that I found very distracting. Throughout the workout, the previous contestants from BL were all horrifically out of time when demonstrating moves. I found that the only way to get through the video was to focus on one person who was consistent, and not bother looking at the rest.

What really surprised me was that I began to find Bob a little annoying. He was walking around and spent more time commenting on how much someone was sweating than he was in demonstrating actions and keeping a steady count on exercises. I appreciated that he pointed out the low-impact options for each exercise, and that he was encouraging. I think that is what kept me from making face at him through the tv.

All in all, the exercise was pretty good. I did sweat and my heart rate was up. I enjoyed the jumping jacks, which surprised me. With my bad knee, I don't generally jump at all. It was very freeing to know that I could do jumping jacks, and that it didn't hurt. The only difficulty that I had with this level 1 workout were the push-ups.

Now, the first problem with the push-ups is that I couldn't see what I was supposed to be doing. *laughs* My tv is mounted on the wall, and I was face-down on the floor. I tried to peek up and see, but then found that I was hopelessly behind in the exercise. I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing until it was practically over. Even just that short bout with the push-ups showed me how much I should work on those each day. I can't do push-ups worth crud. I had better get on that before attempting Jillian's workouts, because I think she would jump through the tv and step on my neck if I can't push through at least a couple.

All in all, this isn't a bad video. It's just not the best. I crave structure and clarity, neither of which seemed all that present here. That said, my thighs and butt are feeling happy with the workout, as there were a lot of lower body exercises. It sure beats wandering the kitchen, mindlessly looking for food to graze on. *wink*


karen said...

We have OUR tv on the wall, too, which I've found makes a lot of dvds a lot more difficult to do. Pilates floor work? Unless I get to be on my back or side FORGET IT! Some day we'll get our basement clean enough for me to be able to use the tv down there for stuff ... or at least that's what Tom keeps telling me :)