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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Biggest Loser, Exercise, Colds, & Accountability Pictures

The Biggest Loser
Like many of my buddies, I watched "The Biggest Loser" last night. I enjoy watching the show, but sometimes the nature of the game annoys me. I love to see people working hard and attaining their fitness goals. I could pass on things like watching Bob treat his trainees like children because they didn't vote the way that he wanted. The last I knew, Bob was supposed to be the trainer, with his focus on getting people healthy. The more that he gets into strategy and such, the less I enjoy watching him.

My big gwar moment was during the challenge, when the players had to row on ergometers. Is anyone surprised? *laughs* Like I said, sometimes the 'game' aspect bothers me. If everyone's health was so darned important, why didn't someone educate the players on proper form while 'rowing' so they wouldn't hurt themselves? Laura just about made me want to cry, trying to pull so hard while she was hunched over and using way too much upper-body. It is no wonder that these people who have been working out so hard could only last 15 minutes on the erg. I wonder how many people pulled their backs out, and it makes me more than a little angry. It wouldn't have hurt the competition at all for the producers of the show to have someone deomonstrate proper form, at the very least. Knowing how important challenges are, anyone could see that the players would be pushing themselves as hard as they could- which can lead to big injuries if they don't know how to use the equipment correctly. Just- gwar.

My own exercise felt really good last night. DH carried my recumbent bike up from the basement for me, because he likes to pretend that he is He-Man. Sometimes I could just shake that wonderful, gorgeous, and stupid man of mine. *laughs* All I could do was walk behind him, holding the rail for dear life, while keeping a hand on his back in case he lost his balance. We both survived his He-Man antics, and I spent the next hour riding my bike.

I hit the bike again this morning, after having a little bit of breakfast. It wasn't enough food, so I didn't have enough energy to do much. I called it quits after 20 minutes, and here I am now- in the kitchen. I'm warming up with some grilled zucchini and yellow summer squash. I'm still pondering my food choices right now. I think that I may just fall back on a frozen meal, or maybe some eggs and toast. I'm indecisive because I don't really care about the actual eating today. That sounds weird to even say (or type). I'm feeling digestively lazy enough today that drinking meal-replacement drinks sounds like a winning idea. We keep them around for DH though, as he rarely has time to eat breakfast. It would be nicer of me to just chew some food today, so he can keep his shakes. *laughs*

It feels really strange to me to make that transition into the mindset where food is for fuel, not something to make me happy. Sure, I enjoy eating good food, but when I'm thinking about it as fuel- it's easier to pass up the chocolate-covered donuts that my sister bought. I ignored them last night, even as those two booger-butts (DH and Sis) were eating donuts in front of me. Ah well, such is life. Not everyone is as picky about what they eat as I have had to become. I shouldn't expect them to be, and I can live without donuts- even when they are right under my nose.

Some of my "umph" is rubbing off on DH, at least. While he ate his donut, he did also exercise this evening. He lifted weights and rode the bike for 15 minutes. It's a start, and I'm happy for it. It made for a funny picture though, with DH and I both exercising while watching "The Biggest Loser". I tried to talk my sister into exercising with us too, but she wasn't up for it... yet. I'll get 'er. *chuckles*

Speaking of workouts, my shoulder is feel pretty darned good today. I can extend my arm out in front of me, and raise my hand to eye-level and higher without any pain. That is good in my book. I'm going to give it a couple more days of rest before I start using weights again though, just to be sure that it's going to be alright.

When I woke up this morning, I was having some sinus issues. I think that I may be getting my nephew's cold, which he seems intent on passing around the house. I'm wondering if there is anything that I can do to help increase my chances of pulling through this with minimal symptoms, if I do actually begin to get sick. If sick, do I continue to exercise each day? Do I keep my calorie level the same? I know that I'll need to drink lots of water and rest. I just wonder what might help boost my immune system and overall function, so I don't get so miserably sick- if my body caves to the infection at all.

Alright, it's that time again! It's the time of the month when I take another picture of myself, just to show y'all that I'm telling the truth and not porking out on chips and chocolate cake on the other side of my monitor. *laughs* Hey, we know that people lie about stuff on the internet all of the time. I could blather on about how I'm 140 lbs. and look like I'm sculpted out of marble. I know, it makes me want to roll on the floor laughing also. I've never been 140 lbs. and I'm not sure that I could ever get there. I tend to put on too much muscle for that. I could be a kind of "skinny fat" and get there, I think.

Anyway, no matter what I (or the scale) might say, folks can make their own judgements about my donut consumption based on my pictures. Today, I tried to tuck my shirt in at the back, so you could see a little more of my shape. I don't really wear my button-down shirts quite so tight in the real world, which I know everyone is breathing a sigh of relief about. *chuckles* I had to switch jeans for this picture. These rather snug pants had just been pulled out of the wash, so I had me some "muffin top" going on. Such is the life of a cute little chubster. Generally, I have more of a waist. Life is getting interesting though, since I'm losing much of my wardrobe to the charity bin. My muffin will go away, so long as I don't eat any muffins. *laughs* I should be doing quite well by the time I get to the end of my ticker at the top of my blog.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You are doing great !!!

140 pounds and chisled features...sounds like my stove that I have spent most of this morning scrubbing along with the kitchen walls !I think I had to use a chisel to extract some long forgotten grime behind it.

The strategy on TBL gets me nuts also, but it seems that this year the players are just a little bit less into that aspect of it then they were last season. Thank goodness there is no Blue Team Alliance on the show yet.

Kud said...

You're looking fabulous and the fact that you are exercising makes me want to root for you even more!!!!!!! Keep on being amazing and special and motivated~~ I love stopping by your blog! Keep doing what you're doing!

Sue said...

I think you look GREAT too! And I agree with you about Bob's whining...totally unnecessary. Keep up the great work girl! :)

Jericho said...

Look who's got a sexy little shape! Yow! The DH better start carrying a baseball bat when you guys go out! ;)

Losing Myself said...

I agree that the participants need to be schooled in the correct usage of the machines to avoid injury, in themselves and all the spectators that are out there imitating them.
You are looking good, girl.