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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exhibitionist Yoga

Ok, now I understand why ladies were all of those interesting little tops and such while doing yoga. I though, "Oh, I'm just doing yoga with Bob! I'm sure that my t-shirt will be fine." Hah. So, I ended up doing yoga in my living room, in my bra. I asked my husband to be kind and close the kitchen blinds for me, but he just laughed and kept on with what he was doing. He's mean like that. Knowing what a meanie he is, I'm going to invest in some of those tight little tops that are at least better than wearing my underwear to exercise in. I'm sure that it won't look cute, but at least I won't end up looking like a sand worm with my shirt falling over my head. *laughs*

This was my first time attempting yoga, and I think that is about as much as I can say I did. I attempted yoga. I'm sure that I didn't get my feet in the right configuration during some of the poses, since my crooked feet have a mind of their own. I did the best that I can though, so true enthusiasts will have to forgive my wayward feet. I stink at doing the plank, but I did hold it for as long as I could before I had to move to my knees. My sore shoulder was not liking me about halfway through the workout. I think that it was all of that warrior 2. There's nothing like trying to stay up on legs that are shaking like leaves in the breeze, while fighting to not give in to a burning shoulder. I made it though! My arm didn't fall off! Take that, pesky shoulder! (On a more serious note, I was very careful not to re-injure myself.)

I feel good now. That was nice, even if it was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I should try not doing yoga at midnight, however. I'll work on fitting it into my afternoons, so long as I think I can live through my sister giggling at me while I've got my butt in the air. It was fun though, and I look forward to trying it again. Hopefully I will get to the point where that triangle pose doesn't make me wobble and nearly smack my forehead off the floor.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Too funny about the sandworm wearing A shirt ! It is true, and I think this is one big reason sports bras and such are so popular.

And there is nothing quite so humbling as doing The Downward Dog and having your children decide you are now a bridge and things can be rolled under you. While your shirt is being transformed into a blindfold due to gravity .

Me, Only Better said...

Yoga is great! I love it! The absolute best thing I love about yoga is that you need to listen to your body. All the poses can be modified for injury or intensity level so that you don't hurt yourself.

Good for you for trying something new!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

I do exhibitionist yoga, too. I wear clothing I wouldn't be caught dead in public in. LOL

You will find those poses become easier as you gain strength and balance. Truly! I'm not lying!!

I find yoga has helped me tremendously with my back pain that I get from running. Stretching my entire body is so fantastic.