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Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27

I'm a little hungry this morning! I did well with my dietary choices yesterday, and my exercise was great. Quite frankly, I got my butt kicked yesterday during my TBL workout. I didn't realize how bad my balance was until I was doing a workout with Kim Lyons and she wanted me to do exercises while balancing on one leg. Ha! That was just funny. I'm glad no one else was around to see me stumbling all over the living room. My balance is pretty good on my right leg, which is to be expected, being that my right is my dominant side. It was pretty pathetic, seeing me wobbling around on my left leg though. Awful. The workout was really good though.

I think that I am going to go ahead and get Bob's "Boot Camp" video. There was a 'boot camp' section on the BL#2 workout video that I really liked. I just wished there was more like that, instead of just a 15 minute routine.

After I get the kids settled down with their lunches, I'm going to hop on the erg and get half of my workout in. I think that I will probably be doing the yoga by myself yesterday. My sister was a naughty girl, doing static stretches with cold muscles. She won herself a pulled calf muscle, so I figure that she'll want to sit out on the yoga today. While I will miss her whomping me in the arm while we switch poses (small living room!!), it will be awfully nice to have my yoga mat. When we do yoga together, I give her the mat, and I make do with a 4 x 5 rug that we normally keep at the door. It's a mite uncomfortable, but it keeps me from sliding around on the wood floor. Maybe I'll buy my sister a yoga mat for her birthday, in May.

Today feels a little "off". I don't feel bad, but the overcast weather and rain is dragging everyone down a bit. I've turned on the lights, and hopefully that will help some. I bet that the exercise will help the most though. Since it is so warm out, I am thinking that should the rain stop long enough, I may just grab Pumpkin and take her for a walk. Even with it being soggy, it just sounds so good to get out of the house for a little while.

Since it is Friday, we are having a meat-free day today. This evening, we are having toast and gravy with eggs for dinner. We don't normally eat "breakfast" food for dinner, so it will be novel during Lent to deviate from our norm. I had wanted to make a hearty bean soup, but my husband wasn't feeling up for it. So, beans have been moved to next week.

Afternoon Update
I've finished with 30 minutes on the erg, and I'm feeling pretty good. Right now, I'm enjoying a bowl of hot grits. Ahh... it's like heaven on a cold, drippy day. Since I didn't blow-dry my hair straighter after my bath last night, I'm all full of curls today. Pumpkin is so funny, because she actually started petting me. She's not used to seeing me walk around with a halo of curly-puff. It's just too cute. Anyway, since my hair is already feeling free, it won't look ridiculous when I'm walking around in the misty/drizzly weather outside. I'm going to throw my shoes and coat on, and we'll walk to the market to find some biscuits for dinner tonight that are already portioned and easily counted. I could make biscuits from scratch, but then I'd have to sit down and work out all of the numbers, and I'm feeling too lazy to do that today.

After our walk, I think that I'll be recovered enough from rowing that I can do the yoga. I got in 13.2 miles in my 30 minutes on the erg. My shoulders are really feeling it! I probably wouldn't feel it quite so much, but I did that TBL workout yesterday.