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Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday, World. :o )

Good Morning!

Or.... rather it was morning when I started trying to type this post. *laughs*

I ate a good, clean diet yesterday. For my later-evening snack, I made a large salad with beets, chickpeas, pickles, and feta cheese in it. I had intended to just eat half of it, but it was just too yummy. Since I knew that I had the calories to "spend", I just went ahead and finished it. To finish off the day, I had two pieces of dark chocolate, and that was plenty.

When I stepped on the scale, it was reading a 1-1/2 lb. loss since my WI on Tuesday. That's not too bad. Now, all I need to do is hold onto it.


Kud said...

That salad sounds DELICIOUS!!! TO me feta makes all salads taste soo yummy and creamy. And normally the flavor is so strong, you don't need to add anything else including dressing. I love love love CHEEEESE. I should write a sonnet or ode to cheese.

congrats on the loss. You can totally hold onto it! Just don't self-sabotage. That's my biggest downfall.

Me, Only Better said...

I love how I feel eating clean! It is an awesome feeling!

I am sure you will do great on the scale this week - you are rocking this!