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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holy Back Muscles, Batman!

Last night's yoga has caught up with me! I felt good and tired last night, but tonight I'm feeling a little sore. I'm feeling it mostly through my back. It was all of that plank and warrior 2, I think. Oh, I can't forget Bob's "let's see how strong you are... push-ups..". Oh Bob, I'm not that strong. I'm sorry for telling you to shut-up while we were doing yoga, but sometimes I want to hit you through the tv. *laughs* When you are talking while my arms and legs are shaking like crazy, it makes me want to act out violently.

Even though I'm a little sore, it is a good feeling. I'm not feeling injured or anything, just "well used". Maybe that is a funny way of saying it. My sister and I are going to give the level one workout a go together this evening. I don't know how many calories it burns to go through the workout, but it sure feels like it's doing something good.


karen said...

I loved Bob SO much before Yoga & BootCamp came into my life and my living room. I'm sure the more I get to do them the more the love for Bob will return .... maybe .... but I definitely know what you mean about the violent urges!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

It's amazing what a good workout yoga is! After I'm done the Shred Challenge, I think I'll torture myself further and try Bob's workout!

LOL about talking to the tv; I find I am doing it all the time now and starting to sound exactly like my mother ;)