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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tired, Tired Squish

Oh, this Squish is so tired. I'm going to take tomorrow and the next day as rest days. I was feeling pretty good this morning, but something about running outside in that cold air just sapped the energy right out of me. Without that internal 'umph', I'm very aware of every sore spot and tight muscle.

There are some interesting things going on with my body of late. I wonder how "small" I will actually get, once more of this fat starts melting off. My legs are like trees! I've got extra floppy flab on my upper thighs, and it is actually looking floppier these days. My muscles are just so danged hard that the fat and skin looks odd hanging there. The same thing is happening more on my arms. I have good muscles, and it's strangely amusing to stand at the mirror and flop the extra fat and skin around and "tuck it up" to see what my arm might look like without it. In the meantime, I feel like I should be able to fly away at will. My shoulders are looking right fine, however. Even my back is looking mighty fine. My posture looks better, as weird as that sounds. Maybe I am standing straighter, now that I have more muscle control. Still, it looks as though I've lost fat through the top of my shoulders, and therefore seem more... upright.

I think that my hips are nearly as slender as they are going to be. I'm reaching the point where I have just a little extra padding on the outside of my hips. It actually kind of hurts when DH rests his arm across my hip while we're sleeping. That's not to say that I'm slender though. I've still got my belly fat to contend with, and my big bottom. My upper abdomen and ribcage area is looking pretty good. I *almost* can't pinch a roll. That's not to say that there isn't a survival layer hanging out, but that it doesn't fold over on itself. *laughs* My lower abdomen though, that is my big trouble area. This is probably going to be my big project for a long time.

It struck me today that I walk different now. Maybe it is because my muscle control is different. My knee doesn't hurt as badly, or as often as it has tended to. It feels good! I still can't wear heels though, which bums me out a little. My ankle boots with the heels are alright for a short time, but I start to limp around if I try to wear them for prolonged walking. I'm thinking that this may just be my reality from now on. That's ok. *smiles* I don't like feeling taller than my husband anyway.

I'm not sure what my weigh-in is going to give me on Tuesday. My monthly came today, and there is no telling whether I am going to post some outrageously low number, or whether I'm going to swell up like a water balloon. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm going to rest my tired body so I can begin with renewed vigor in a couple of days.