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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wearing Red & Weirding Out The Neighbors

Wear Red Day
Alrighty gals, this is the best that I can do for the Wear Red Day. At least, it is for now. I have a bunch of red, because it is kind of a signature color for me. However, I need to get far less sweaty and stinky before putting anything else on. So, I have a red flower in my hair! (Ok, and a red kiddie hairband and my red glasses. lol)

I'm not real big with awareness days, but I do really like that there is a better effort now to inform women about heart disease. Quite frankly, it wasn't until Grandma died that I became aware of how differently a heart attack presents itself in women, as opposed to men. If having days full of women wearing red helps other women stay alive, then hooray for wearing red! I'm all about having grandmas, moms, sisters, daughters, and even ME around for as long as possible.

Weirding Out the Neighbors (aka- Not As Tired As I Thought)

When I got up this morning, I was really dragging tail. It was my own fault. I own it completely, because I was up late reading a book when I should have been sleeping. Then I got sidetracked by watching my husband sleep, and alternated between that and reading my book. *laughs* All of that made for a sleepy, slow moving Squish today.

Breakfast was nearly a disaster, since I forgot who I was for a few minutes. That may sound funny, but do you ever find yourself going into an autopilot mode, doing things that were once familiar- but are now contrary to your lifestyle? Yup. It was a close one.

I didn't eat a bunch of crap, but I was ready to. I was standing at the cupboard, staring at the Whoppers again. I really should stop buying them, but I also feel bad that I've already taken away so many treats from my family because I have had a hard time getting a grip on myself once in a while. Disaster was averted, however, because I came to my senses while staring at the box and arguing with the devil on my shoulder. It came to me that this is not the person that I want to be, or truly am anymore. I'm not that gal who takes doses of sugar like it is cocaine, and she needs a fix. So, if I'm not that person any more... why stand here debating with myself about eating the crap?? I closed the cupboard and grabbed my MP3 player. If I had enough energy to fight that hard with myself over candy, I had enough energy to exercise instead.

So, I like jogging. I've mentioned that, I'm sure. Have I mentioned that I like to dance in the kitchen and look at the windows to see the neighborhood? Of course, that means that not only can I see any neighbors who happen to be out and about (not many, mind you).... but they can also see me dancing around in the kitchen like a crazy woman. *laughs*

I haven't been dancing in so long. It's a good thing, and a bad thing. I love to get my groove on, but when you're shakin' what your mama gave ya- it really does shake. *laughs* Since my husband doesn't dance, I am stuck getting goofy in the kitchen. I can't go out with my sister any more, not after weird guys started grabbing my posterior and trying to rub themselves on me. We tried our best to dance with each other and turn one another away from skeezy guys, but it seems like the only guys out on a dance floor are the drunk, skeezy guys. They get even more gross, thinking that my sister and I have a different relationship than we do. Gag me with a spoon. Ick.

Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors think that I'm nuts. It's just a general curiosity. They've seen me twirling my mom in the front yard, whoopin' it up to Big & Rich. They've seen me using the front step to get some exercise in. They've seen me walking and jogging around the block, over and over again. (I know how far it is around the block, so it helps me keep track of distance.) Oooo... and they've seen the way that I weed the garden to relieve stress when I'm angry enough that my head is about to pop off. I'm sure I've seen then shrink back a time or two when I've had the hoe and shovel in my hands. *chuckles* It strikes me that if anyone paid any attention at all, they could read me as plainly as a book, without ever even talking to me. I wear my emotions right out on my sleeve all the time. I wouldn't blame the neighbors if they think I'm weird for dancing around the kitchen, singing songs they can't hear. I guess I probably am more than a little weird, now that I think about it. *grins*


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Embarrasing the neighbors while doing something you love should be, in my opinion, a requirement of adulthood ! I live in an apartment complex with a swimming pool, and I am the only adult woman who will swim in it( something about the whole swim suit thing with women I don't care. I love swimming and i don't care who gets uncomfortable seeing me in a suit.

Heart disease and women- my father had 2 heart attacks but died of breast cancer ( a second bout). His experience of not only contracting but being overcome by a disease that seems to be pigeon holed into one sex or another really raised my awareness. Women die of heart disease in higher numbers than breast or ovarian cancer, and men do die of breast cancer. Anything that brings awareness into the public eye is a good thing.

Graciela said...

It's good to give the neighbors something to talk about. They probably love all your "antics"!

Have fun and don't worry about them. :-)

Sue said...

You made me laugh w/ your comment about the neighbors being scared of you w/ a rake and shovel. I think it is great that you fit exercise into your every day activities! And whooo hooooo! Way to resist those malted milk balls!
(Though, may I suggest, perhaps you should get them a treat that doesn't call your name so loudly?) My son loves M&M's and Skittles alike. I buy him the Skittles, because I can ignore those, but the little M&M's send a siren song when they are in the cupboard! :)

TJ said...

I love weirding out the neighbors! If not for me, they may never have any excitement. :)

Love the flower!