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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weight of Things & General Weirdo Happenings

The Weigh-In
Good Morning A-Team! Today is my weigh-in day, and I'm happy to say that I lost a pound. It's not a lot, but at least I feel like I'm contributing to our kicking Team Lean's multi-butt.

Now, I worked really hard yesterday to not work hard- all so I could have a lower number. I was fidgety and twitchy all day, because my body wanted to exercise even though my inner Vulcan was telling it how illogical that decision would be. I needed the rest, and it's always good to rest the day before my weigh-in. I'm not sure that I can overcome my inner Klingon today, as I'm feeling mighty aggressive and need to do battle with my inner stress demon. *wiggles eyebrows* I need to kick the stress' donkey, so I don't end up battling the hungry monster instead. (I do know. You don't have to tell me how much of a nerd I am. *laughs*)

Recap For Yesterday
I baked banana bread yesterday, and took it over to the neighbors. I like to do small things like that, particularly since they are so nice to us. The man of the house helps me with snow removal in the winter, and is always offering us help when we're stuck in a bad way. I used to take things over for them all the time, but I got away from that a bit these past few months. I just don't bake as much now, since I don't eat sweet breads very often.

While I was over there, the lady of the house commented on how much weight I've lost. She said that she was very impressed, and that her and her daughter would like to walk with me when the weather gets nicer. It sure would be nice to have some company!

After I came back home and got settled in, my youngest sister called. She asked me if I would take her son, because she was going to have to start sleeping in their van. I told her that I'd take him, though not without a measure of utter fear. You'd have to know this boy to understand. I love him to pieces, and he is good when he's in my direct care. However, he doesn't stay that way when I'm not watching him. I can think up a million ways that he is going to try and destroy everything I own, hurt our animals, try and whoop on Pumpkin, and probably urinate on everything. You would be afraid too. But, I want to do what is in their best interest. So, DH and I decided that my sister and her son can come and both stay with us for a while. Her husband drives for a living, so I don't really count him. Since I have nothing nice to say about him, I'll just not say anything more.

With these big decisions being made, I was a bundle of nerves last night. I was a pretty good girl though. I had planned to have 1,200 calories yesterday, but I ended up having a little more than that- still well within my weight-loss range though. I had a slice of pumpkin sweetbread, a cup of coffee, and one piece of dark chocolate. I grabbed the chocolate during one of my trips to the bathroom, because I realized on my way back to bed that my stomach was so unsettled that I wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise. So, after an hour or so of tossing and turning, one piece of chocolate settled me just enough that I was able to quiet my stomach along with my mind- and I fell asleep.

This Morning
I'm still a mite stressed this morning. I've been trying to figure out ways to move furniture and such, working out a way to house two more people. We have one small bedroom that we use as a school room/office. If I move our desks and computer, they can use that room until the weather is nice enough for them to move into the basement. It's too cold for them down there right now. The best that I can do for a bed is a beaten down futon that my other sister gave me. Some of the metal supports are gone, but I have some rope that I can lash the frame with to provide better support for the mattress. There are just so many things to think through and plan for in order for us to live peaceably together.

Interestingly enough, I don't feel any urge to eat my stress. I don't care to nibble on things right now, though my mind is going a million miles a minute. Goodness, I had a Greek salad for breakfast! *laughs* Oh how I wanted that feta cheese. *grins* I'm still working out what else I should eat, because I know that my small salad isn't enough to cut it. A yogurt sounds good.

Since I'm all in a lather, trying to organize my thoughts and household, I'm going to go ahead and exercise today. I know that it was supposed to be a rest day, but I need the relief that comes with wearing myself down to a sweaty puddle of mush. I had better put dinner in the slow cooker, so dinner preparations don't get in the way of my workout.


spunkysuzi said...

I can definitely understand the stress!! Stay strong :)
Isn't it nice to get such nice compliments they just make your day :)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Congratulations on the loss !!!

Stress ??? What it that ? I have a Widowed mom with advanced Dementia, a MIL with Parkinson's disease, four siblings with non stop dramas. five sibs inlaws with the same and 15 nieces and nephews who are adding spouses and children of their own, and each one is further proof that Ozzie and Harriet have left the building, a husband in Ministry ( Music minister and Deacon) and I am myself a minister( I do not talk about these things on my blog because I need an escape ).Congratulations on avoiding the stress eating thing! You are doing terrific !

Losing Myself said...

I think STRESS is a fact of life. We all got it.

You will make things work out, I'm sure.Good job avoiding munchings.

Tracy said...

Wow, you are really taking on a lot. It's really cool of you to help your sister out like that. That's great that you didn't let the stress get to you by eating. Hope everything goes well with the move in. And congrats on the 1 pound!

Kud said...

Sounds like an intense amount of stress! I'm glad to see that you are staying strong and it's an amazinglingly nice thing you're doing fory our sister and her son. so kudos for that!

Me, Only Better said...

That will surely add some interesting stress and chaos to your life, but good your you for being such a great sister & Auntie!

Yay for your loss!