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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Workin' Out The Day

Food Choices
I am finding that I like oranges. When I was a kid, I didn't like them very much. I'm not really sure why that is. I guess it was probably the difficulty I had in getting enough of the peel off. Hey, kids aren't always that great at that. For some strange reason, I just never felt any desire to buy them as an adult. Since we've been feeding the children more fruit each day, I thought that I would give oranges another chance. Now I like them! I still don't like apples very much though. I think that is more of a mouth-feel thing. I like applesauce and apple butter, but not the raw apple. So, now I like strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and oranges.

Since I am not drinking coffee during Lent, I thought that I would try a cup of tea this morning. I wonder what it is about tea that gives me a gritty, almost cotton-mouth, kind of feel? I like the taste of tea, but it tends to give me a bit of a sore throat. I guess that means that I will stick primarily to water for these next 40 days. I can have coffee on Sundays, but I'd rather not indulge then and make it harder to abstain during the rest of the week. I'm more of an "all or nothing" kind of gal.

Workout Video (have to say it like "pop-up video!")
My little sister and I are doing "The Biggest Loser" workout video #2 today. I'm still trying to decide which workouts we are going to put together. I'd like to do Bob's boot camp, and maybe the high-intensity cardio workout. If I feel good enough afterward, I think that it sounds like a fun thing to try and survive yoga again. *laughs*

5-Day Game Plan
Since having the little monster around, I haven't been getting in the same intensity of workout that I need. It's just a little hard to work myself up into a lathering sweat of exhaustiveness while being distracted all the time. Such is life though, with a 3 year old around, particularly a boy who is running full-tilt from the moment his eyes open. So, what I'm going to do is make out a game plan ahead of time, and then basically force myself to comply. Hopefully that will keep me from wimping out after 20 minutes.

I'm going to use my sidebar to keep my game plan easily in sight for the next 5 days, instead of logging my calories in/out for the time being.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Tea has a high level of tannic acid in it, and that is the thing most likely causing your mouth/throat feel. Green tea can also have a kind of astringent feel to some people. The solution is herb rea- camomile is the best. If you are drinking the tea to replace the coffee lift, may I suggest Tazo brand green tea ? It's a little pricy, but it is the smoothest brand of green tea and avoids that gaggy sort of throat feel.

Tracy said...

That's really cool that you are getting your sister to join you in working out. I have oranges on my grocery list to try again. I don't like all the pithy stuff either, so I hope I like them better now.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

NO coffee for 40 days????? Gosh, you are a good Christian girl!!

Me, Only Better said...

Do you like pineapple?

Pineapple has to be my most favorite non-berry fruit!

Glad you are getting your sis in on working out!

Losing Myself said...

I have been eating a lot of oranges lately myself. I want to add more fruit to my diet, and oranges and apples are what are available around here right now. I really don't care that much for apples, so oranges it has been. I really love plums and peaches and am ready for them to be available in the stores. I also love cantelope, but not so much honeydew melons.