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Monday, March 23, 2009

Lying Numbers

The scale isn't being nice to me this morning, and I wish that I could tell on it... and then someone could stand it in the corner and make it be nice. Um... yeah, it doesn't work all that well with kids either.

I worked SO hard yesterday. I'm surprised, but I'm really not sore. I just feel a little muscle-tired. Even that isn't so bad. Physically, I'm feeling pretty darned good, aside from some blisters that are wanting to form on my big toes from running.

During the course of the day, I stopped logging my food yesterday. I was just a little busy, and forgot to do it. I know how much I ate though, so I plugged the numbers in today, and I was a little shocked. I got in about 1,141 calories. Ouch. After I plugged in my numbers in CPH for my workout yesterday, it estimated that this was my burn for the day:

Totals: 1,169 calories in 1 hr 45 min

Hmmm.. I'm not really knowing what to do with those numbers. I guess that is a bad thing. I didn't feel deprived or anything. I ate when I wanted to eat, and I felt like I had a good dinner. I had a plate with about 3 oz. of chicken, and then piled high with cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach. For a snack, I later had 1 oz. of cashews and about 5 strawberries. I'm sure that these are not the things that pounds are made of, at least not overnight. lol


Mama Bear June said...

You work so hard, just reading about it makes me tired! :-) Do you lift weights every day? I've read several times that when we lift weights, it makes small tears in our muscles, so we should rest one day between weight-lifting sessions. Just wondered if you ever alternated days.
Path to Health

Squishy ! said...

Hiya Mama Bear!

I do tend to stack weight training days a little bit, but I try not to do that too often. Generally, I will alternate days of weights with days of cardio. Even that is changeable though, because I don't usually run and do lower body weights on the same day. That's a little more stress on my knees than I tend to like.

To be completely honest, there are just some days when I forget any kind of plan- and I just work. Whether I'm restless, upset, or just bored, sometimes I just need a day to get lost in the rhythm of running or pushing weight.

Exercise isn't about burning calories for me. I use it for therapy! *laughs* I walk and jog for physical therapy, because otherwise I can't really walk at all. I run because I'm stubborn and hate being told that I can't do something. I lift weights because it gives me good posture and helps me to feel strong when so many other parts of me are weak. I probably don't lift on the proper schedule and such, but I just always do what feels good to my body. If I don't feel good, I don't do it. :o )

Ida said...

Scale didn't show me any love today either. Just because I got COMPLETELY off the diet, exercise plans! LOL
Guess we need to just keep on keeping on!