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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marching on Through March

This past week has been busy, with a capital B. I've still been exercising, though yesterday I decided that my housework was exercise enough. From the time I picked my head up off my pillow until it hit it again, I was busting my butt doing hard labor. There was furniture to move, boxes of books to unpack, and a pantry to completely clean and reorganize. I thought that carrying laundry up and down the basement stairs was going to be the death of me, but I didn't wipe out. :o )

My weight is still doing good, though I haven't been watching my diet as closely as I usually do. I'm not being careless, but when I was ready to fall asleep in my spaghetti last night, I didn't feel like weighing it. I just put a small portion on the plate and figured that I'm going to have to learn how to portion out my food without measuring every bite that enters my mouth. It's very helpful to measure things, but by not eating intuitively at all, I don't think that I'm teaching myself how to thrive outside of "diet mode". Judging by my past experiences, I seem to be either 100% "on", or I fall off the wagon and smack my face off the concrete. I'd like to learn how to live a normal life, somewhere up in the 80% "on" with enough wiggle room to not feel like logging food is an obsession.

Anyway, I'm down 1/2 lb. for now, though I'm not sure what the next few weeks are going to put me. My focus for March is going to be dramatically different from the last two months. For March, I am going to dial back my cardio to about 20 minutes per day while focusing more on strength training. Over the next two days, I will be getting my fitness area organized and ready for me, down in the basement. I need to move the bench and organize the various weight plates and hand-weights. While I'm going to still focus on eating good, wholesome food, I'm going to relax just a little about weighing everything. If it doesn't work out for me so well, I can go back to weighing food come April. So, I'm going to give the intuitive eating a try, paired with an intense strength training routine. I guess the worst that could happen is that I might end up looking like a Sumo wrestler. *chuckles* Since I've taken to replacing some of my snack-type foods with fresh fruit, I think that I'm already in a much better place to make this change. I've cut out nearly all of the nuts from my diet, just because I eat too many of them. I've kept the 60 cal. bags of popcorn, because sometimes I just need something puffy and filling to snack on, water gain or not.

Even though I plan on relaxing the measuring aspect of my dietary habits, I am going to working very hard to curb my evening meals a bit. I generally eat both a dinner and a supper, both lighter fare. We have dinner around 4:30- 5:00 p.m. and then have some kind of snack or soup around 8:00-9:00 p.m. . What I am planning to do is try and pull things back a little bit and have nothing solid after 8:30 p.m. or so. Since I tend to snack on a very regular basis, this will probably feel a bit difficult. I know that some people stop eating earlier in the evening, but I stay up pretty late. When I'm not climbing into bed until around midnight, I can't stop eating at 7 p.m. without experiencing a lot of deep hunger pangs right when I'm trying to relax into sleep. I am hoping that hot tea will help me ease through this transition.

I am looking forward to the change of pace that goes with moving to a greater focus on weight-lifting. I was beginning to feel a little fatigued with my routine, and this should shake things up a little bit. Hopefully, the added muscle will help boost my metabolism and improve the look of my body. Come next month, if I need to, I'll tighten down on my diet a little bit if I find that I'm struggling to drop fat along with gaining the muscle. After watching a good show on obesity and seeing how Sumo wrestlers have mastered the art of building mass while retaining muscle, I am even more determined to change some of my habits. That is the main impetus behind cutting back my last meal of the day, providing plenty of digestion time before bed. While I admire the awesome strength of those guys, I'd rather not have their shape. Watching that show, I began to see a few similarities in their training habits and my own habits- things that won't contribute to slimming my body down as much as I'd like.

With this weight-lifting push through March, and a strict diet through April to go with my exercise, I am hoping to push down into the next size in jeans before the end of May. It is becoming increasingly important to me to get into size 14 jeans by my "fit-iversary". Ultimately, I would love to be in size 8/10 jeans, if my husband doesn't complain too much. He already makes funny comments about me exercising so much that my butt will fall off. We'll see. I guess there are exercises to make one's bottom larger, while fat loss allows me to shrink the rest. It's too bad that there aren't exercises to build one's bosom! *laughs* I'll have to be content with working my pecs, and trying to not let my body fat percentage drop too low. I'm not into fake boobs at all, so I'd like to keep as much of my own as possible. I'm afraid that if I don't, my husband may start force-feeding me chocolate cake in order to keep me squishy enough in the right places. Heehee.... Boy, I wish they would find a way to suck the fat out of my tummy and inject it into my boobs. That would make us all equally happy. lol


Kud said...

Good for you adding more fitness variety to your routine. Just remember that when you decide to build muscle, your body will hold onto water at first and when you do strength training, what is a natural body response may seem like weight gain. So don't get derailed or walk away from the amazing addition of strength training just because your scale goes up in number. HOpefully the number won't change but if it does go up, remember that it is only temporary adjustment to the changes in your body. Hope this helps.

Sue said...

Ha ha! Your comment about your bosom made me think of that old Judy Blume book and how the girls in there were doing exercises while chanting: "I must, I must, Increase my bust!" :)