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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rough Day!

Blah. Really. Let me just say that I was stupid last night. I inadvertently fasted most of the day yesterday, just because I was so busy. There was so much grunt work to do, and my sister wasn't feeling well. So, I did a lot of heavy lifting and hauling of canned goods. I re-organized the pantry, and found a way to squeeze my three lbs. of strawberries into the fridge without actually squeezing them. (Meijer has them for $1/ 1lb. container!!)

When I did get to sit down and eat, mainly after church last night, I chose foods that weren't the greatest for nighttime eating. I didn't drink much water during the day, because it can be hard to hit the bathroom while popping from store to store for the sales items. Then we had to hurry off for church, and all I had was a small cup of coffee while I was there. Last night, I had a couple eggs on a slice of bread, with a couple strips of turkey bacon. I put salt on my eggs, and the turkey bacon is awful for salt. Then, I had some peanuts. Really?! I'm going to be sad when the peanuts are all gone, but it is for the best. I shouldn't buy any more for a while. It would be one thing if I were nibbling them during the early afternoon, with a big glass of water. Nibbling them at night when I'm already dehydrated though? That's just rather dumb.

I feel like crud today. I had an upset belly all last night. I didn't want to drag myself out of bed this morning, but it's not like there really is any choice to be made on the matter. So, I dragged myself into the kitchen to make the kids some breakfast. I promised Pumpkin that I would make them some scrambled eggs, toast, and turkey bacon. Me, I had a cup of coffee that my sister made for me, and two slices of dry toast. I don't feel like I can handle anything more. I'm too nauseated to want to eat much of anything at all. I've been feeling bad like this for the past 3 days or so, maybe 4. My scar is burning and hurting. My abdomen is feeling a little tender. I think that maybe the discomfort is throwing off my eating a little, and those dietary changes are making my guts feel like crud.

I'm not sure why I'm having pain right now, but maybe it is just that the tissues are continuing to try and repair themselves. I do have a lot more feeling in that tissue than I used to. When the scar was brand new, I was really bothered by the disgusting absence of feeling. I could feel pressure, but not the real sensation of being touched. It just felt icky. I can feel now though. It's not quite the normal sensations, but it isn't bad. I've talked with some other ladies, and they have had similar experiences with their scars. I think that maybe some of my problem is that my body is changing so much, and as everything moves and changes proportions, it causes discomfort where my scar can't change.

Anyway, so that leaves me 2 lbs. heavier today (thank you, Self, for dehydration and salt. *rolls eyes*) and feeling rather sore and ill. I'm going to focus mainly on re-hydrating. I don't feel well enough to even want to tackle food right now. Maybe I'll feel better after a few glasses of water. In the meantime, I've got things to get done here at the house. I've been picking up enough that I feel alright in relaxing with chores. I'll do a little bit, and give most of my energy over to getting some movement in. I'm going to take a gentle walk/jog around the block a few times. I'd like to go up to the park, but it's a little chilly for the kids, one of whom is sick again. (He's also looking to share his germs with everyone of us, let me tell ya.) So, I'll stick to jogging my block, where I'll never be very far from the bathroom. *laughs* That really helps, on days when I know I'll drink water like a fish.


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Wait... scar? Did I miss something?

Squishy ! said...

It's an old scar, Dee. :o ) It just gives me some pain from time to time, as the shape of me changes. I had a vertical incision during an emergency c-section when my first son was born, and then again when my daughter was born.