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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleep For A Week

I think that I could sleep for a week. I had to make due with pulling a pillow over my head and just relaxing while Pumpkin watched cartoons. I was at the gym yet again last night, only this time I had my husband with me. He had never been there before, so I grabbed a guest pass and we used it to spend some quality time together. *chuckles* Ok, maybe I'm more than a little strange to think of that as quality time.

We start by hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes of walking/jogging to warm up. I'm pretty sure that we then lifted every weight in the place. At least, that is what it feels like today. I wouldn't be feeling so cruddy today, except that I've stacked too many days at the gym on top of one another. Usually, I'll bust my buns there, and then take a day or two for at home workouts, and then hit the gym again. I also need to work in a rest day here and there. I haven't gotten the rest that I need, so my muscles are sore.

I am not exercising today. Nope. I'm gonna be a bump on a log today. The most ambitious thing that I'll do is stretch carefully. I may even run a hot bath and soak for a bit. I'm going to just take it easy and drink a ton of water. I'm carrying around an extra 2-1/2 lbs. right now, which mysteriously popped up as soon as I started beating the crud out of myself at the gym. Since I haven't given me a break, neither has the scale. With rest and water, the number should start coming down again.

On a more positive note, I think that DH wants to get a membership at the gym. While we were working out, there was one gentleman there who was doing some serious work with the free-weights. I could see DH's excitement over the sense of motivation and encouragement that he felt. This guy who was lifting was not a big guy, and I think that it helped to remind DH of what he could do if he felt so motivated. (My husband has a leaner build. He would have to live at the gym if he ever wanted to be huge and ripped. Thankfully, neither one of us desire him to be a massive guy.) All in all, I think that I may have a new gym partner. I don't know how long it will last for us as a couple (on the training floor), but I'd be happy just to be able to watch him while I'm running.

I'm honest enough to admit that I'm no dude, and I can't exercise like one. Even though my husband hasn't been exercising frequently, he has a very active job. That leaves me barely able to keep up with him right now. I can outrun him easily, and I have more stamina. His goals have nothing to do with running and cardio though. He is already slender enough that he doesn't need the cardio work that I do. But, even if we aren't evenly matched, it would be so nice to have him there. I'm not above wanting some nice "eye candy" while I'm sweating myself into a drippy puddle. If he wants to walk around with his tank on and show me how yummy his muscles are, I'm not going to complain. *laughs*


Kud said...

haha give yourself a rest day and the scale WILL go down. When I overexert myself at the gym, I gain weight. It's the strangest thing--like there's a limit to how much my activity my body wants to do without going into starvation or survival mode. Weird, right?

Ida said...

I think spending time at the gym is great 'quality time'. IT's something that you both seem to enjoy and what better gym buddy than your DH. Wish mine would do that. ;|