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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weigh-In and the Not So Stretchy

Hi Everybody! The scale was kind to me today, with a loss of 1.5 lbs. since last week. While it's not a big number, I am extremely happy with it- just because it is a loss. With changing up my routine so much and not counting every single calorie, I was a little worried about what I'd end up with. Ultimately though, I felt much better with simple measurements of food, instead of agonizing over grams. It was much easier to get by with simple measuring cups, just to be sure that I didn't completely miscalculate serving sizes.

Yesterday, I pulled out an oldie, but a goody. I unpacked some boxes of books from the basement, now that we have a bookcase large enough to house them. I found my "Walk Away The Pounds" tapes in there, so my sister and I pushed the furniture back and used the 2 mile tape for a base workout. Afterward, she hit the glider and I used the bike. I'm going to use the WATP 2 mile again today, but I'm going to increase the weights to 5 pounds. The weight-bearing portion of the workout is rather short, so I can begin to increase the poundage until I start to really feel it. I want to eventually get up to using the 15 lb. weights. That will take some time though, because I have a lot of work to do in getting my chest strong enough to combine aerobics and weights at that level without injuring my sternum or chest wall again. I'd only do it with this video, because there isn't any jumping around with the weights, just a small amount of leg work while doing curls and presses. I'm not into knocking myself out with big hunks of metal. *laughs*

I took my measurements today! I'm down all over my body, which I already knew. (31 inches total) I was just interested in knowing the numbers because my new pants are feeling might comfortable, which means that by next month, they should be looking all droopy and frumpy. I had to run out the other day, and I accidentally grabbed a pair of my "big" pants and threw them on. I was so out of time though, I just thought that I'd keep them on and change my bottoms when I got back home. *laughs* Yeah, that didn't go so well. The only thing worse than having pants sliding off my butt is loose underwear. It was bad. I have go to go back through my clothes and get rid of the bigger sizes again. I'm sad, but at least I have my cute brown dockers to keep me from feeling too sad. I'm almost out of my jeans that I bought in December, and that makes me sad. I've learned my lesson though. Even if the jeans feel absolutely wonderful and sexy, I should wait and buy them when I am going to be maintaining for a while. Again, sexy jeans don't look so sexy when they are all droppy. I'm going to have to buy some cheap-ish jeans in 12's and 14's.

I'm noticing that there is a lot of weird body feelings to deal with, working so much on my fitness. It's exhilarating to be able to run for a half hour without feeling like I'm going to die. Ah, but then there is that pain in my hips when DH just drapes his arm over me at night. I keep having to move his arm, because it presses right at the point of my hip and it hurts. I rolled onto my back and showed him what I was talking about. I have wide hips. They always make me look thicker than I am, and maybe I'd feel better about them if I had a strong child-bearing body, you know? Anyway, I'm still working on that squishy part of my lower belly that takes such a hard hit every time that I become pregnant. So, while I'm squishy there, I'm looking like I've got the hips of a dairy cow. *chuckles* I put DH's hand on the curve of my hip, and he was really shocked. He said something like, "Wow. I don't have that. You're pokey!" He was surprised to see how differently my bones are shaped than his, simply because I'm a woman. I've always been a well-padded girl, so I'm not surprised that when he first got his hands on me, he wasn't paying much notice to my bone structure. Heehee...

Anyway, since I've got me some rather curvy parts, I'll never be a particularly slender gal. When I buy the 12's, I might want to buy some decent jeans. The 14's can be cheap, since I won't need to stay in them for a long time. The smallest I've ever managed to wittle down my bottom was a tight size 8, way back in the day. I don't think that I'll ever see those again. If I do, I'll be mighty surprised. I'd be wonderfully happy to make it to 10's. They would take a lot of work though, and I don't know how much damage there has been to my skin. I'm not a very elastic gal. I don't know how much can bounce back after so much trauma. I'm going to try and work off as much fat as I can though, to see how much the skin at my lower abdomen might shrink back. I might not be so concerned about it, except that I've got that wicked 6" scar bisecting my tummy. You know that skin does some pretty funky things because of scar tissue. I'll probably never be able to wear a tini-bikini, but I'm alright with that. Battle scars, and all that. :)