Current Happenings

Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's funny how the little things can make such a difference. I've been leaning heavily on oatmeal, yogurt, and watermelon. That is how I survived my sister's food chatter last night. *laughs* She wanted some sweets BAD, so I told her that it was fine for her to wander off and find her junk food without me, while I searched out some better groceries. She ended up buying a bag of Oreo cookies, and then kept offering me some. I wonder if she didn't just want someone to be "naughty" with her. Instead, I took myself off to the living room to watch Star Trek and eat celery.

You know, I really do not like celery. My daughter likes it though, so I cut myself some while I was making her a peanut butter and celery snack. Star Trek helped to distract me from all of the cookies that were floating around the kitchen, because I really like the Voyager episode where the doctor and Seven accidentally make a "child" through a transporter accident (episode- "Drone"). Seven is one of my favorite Voyager characters. :o ) I could have almost ignored the taste of nothingness, but not even tv could distract me from feeling like a cow with my cud. Strings!

The celery helped me feel fuller though, so I was able to get through the evening without mucking it all up with junk food. I did eat a cup of yogurt and a few cheese puffs though, but the cheese puffs rank much lower on the "I'm going to eat myself stupid" scale. They aren't a trigger food for me, so I can just have a few and then put it all away.

All in all, I did well with my eating and water intake yesterday, and I saw some good results on the scale this morning. With two solid days of good eating, I've dropped 3 pounds. Drinking water does wonderful things. *grins* Here's to day number three!! I have nothing against having the occasional higher-calorie day, but I know that I need to stick with what I am doing until I get into the middle 80's. Then I may be able to have one relaxed meal before clamping down on things again. Gotta keep those good habits, and not get into feeding my eyes and mouth, instead of my whole body.

As I was getting the house cleaned up last night, I asked my husband to take the Oreo cookies down to my sister, for her to put them away in the basement. They are now safe, and I am safe from them. lol

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Well, I'm getting ready to take myself off to bed. It is with great satisfaction that I can say that I did very well today and ate a very clean diet. Having the fresh watermelon in the house was a great help in that. I took in 1,216 calories today, and that is fine for my current level of exertion (or lack thereof). I was dumb and stomped my foot on the floor to get the cat's attention, because she was scratching the furniture. That was really dumb. I've been feeling that poor decision all day.

Anyway, I'm off for the night! Tomorrow is a new, beautiful day- another chance to do it all over again.

Oh, Come ON Girl !!

I've been more than a little frustrated lately. Oh, this darned foot. I try to take it easy on my foot, but it doesn't seem to matter. I'm walking funny, which makes my knee hurt. My knee makes my hamstrings hurt.... which messes my back up. Of course, there isn't much that I can do about all of that. I can ice my foot and stretch it out, and I can massage my tight hamstrings. None of that frustrates me nearly as much as my mental mumbo-jumbo that I've got going on.

I don't know why, but I am finding myself eating crap. I'm doing pretty well during the day, and then I get completely stupid at night. Some of it is just that there have been foods brought into the house that are huge triggers for me. My housemates brought home $12 worth of chocolate-filled cookies. When I'm feeling weak of will and hungry, my husband pulls into the drive-thru at Tim Horton to buy donuts. *sigh* Of course, none of their choices make me fatter. My choice to put those things into my mouth- those things make me fatter.

I really can't eat cookies. Chocolate chip cookies turn me into an insane creature of gluttony. Sugar makes me crazy anyway, but there is something about the combination of crispy, gooey, and chocolate that makes me a complete nut. I will eat too many cookies, and that is a given. I just can't have them in the house, but it's kind of hard to tell other adults that. My husband thinks that I should just ask my sister to store those things in the basement if they want to have them. I'm alright if I don't know that they are there. I won't buy them myself. I also know that my husband will easily switch back to eating donuts on the sly, instead of bringing them home. It makes me kind of sad that anyone else would have to change their behaviors, just because I am struggling with the hand-to-mouth motion.

This week hasn't been real bad, and that's probably because it's only Tuesday. *laughs* My weight is holding steady, which I am very happy to know. I'm not completely blowing it. I put on a couple pounds, and then stopped. I don't know if that is because I am trying hard to be diligent with good eating during the day or not. Maybe. It's just about 3 hours at night that are rough for me. If I can just find a way to improve my behavior during that time, I should start losing again. I also need to start drinking water again. I have been terribly bad about getting my water in lately, and I'm sure that that has contributed quite a bit to my difficulties.

This afternoon, I'm sitting down to make out a menu plan for myself, and a grocery list. One of my problems is that I am running real low on my healthier food items. This is going to be a challenge for me, so I'm going to run with it and make it a real challenge. *laughs* I am challenging myself to something simple- just one week of clean eating.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bored, But Still Kickin

So, I was at the gym the other day. I finished 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, which has become my favorite thing. Basically, I alternate between a brisk walk and a sprint... and I do it until I feel like I want to toss my cookies. *chuckles* It's really not that bad. I just like to push myself, but I always keep an eye on my heart rate. I try to keep it between 150 and 160 when running sprints. That is at the high end of my range, but it feels good to work hard.

After running, I hit the weights and did a good, hard upper-body workout. My arms, shoulders, and back are feeling pretty darned good. I don't feel as bad about my arms because I at least have muscle in there, and it's not all floppy fat. I'm gaining enough definition that I feel there is something to be proud of, regardless of how many times my arm waves when I wave. Anyway, I wanted to get my heart rate back up, and the elliptical looked good. I had been flirting with it a little, about 10 minutes at a time. We have that kind of funny relationship.

Before I started exercising so much, I couldn't last more than 30-60 seconds on the elliptical. I would get searing, awful pain through my knees. I thought that it would always be off limits for me, because of that. However, I got bold and tried it again anyway, and I found that it didn't hurt anymore. This week though, I did too much. I wasn't used to the motion of the elliptical, and the repeated flexing of my foot was more than my body wanted to deal with. I was on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, and in that time I seem to have earned myself a case of plantar fasciitis. *sigh* It's always something, isn't it?

Anyway, that really kicks the crap out of my cardio options. I don't have a pool, so I'm getting pretty bored with the bike. I've never been one to really dig on exercise bikes anyway. Maybe if I was in a real spinning class, I might like it. Pedaling by myself is mind-numbing though. I've thought that maybe rowing wouldn't be too hard on my sore foot, but I somehow slipped the chain off the flywheel on my ergometer. My husband needs to take a look at it for me, but he has been busy. So, I've been sitting more often than not, rolling my foot on a bottle full of ice water. It helps ease the pain, and I can walk. I don't know how long it will be before I can do anything strenuous on my feet though. Between babying the strained quad and now the hurt foot, I'm more than a little frustrated. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't just stick to moderate weight training for a while, and try harder to stay 100% "on plan" with my healthier eating.

My main goals for right now are to crank down on my diet and be more careful with what I eat, and to not lose muscle. I don't even care about losing more weight at the moment. I'll probably always be a little fat, because I don't care enough about being tiny in comparison to living a comfortable life. I'm not bothered by being slightly squishy. I just don't want to lose my muscle defintion and strength. We'll see what I can manage, and whether it makes me insane to try and be gentle with my body for a while. I'm thinking that 4 weeks is plenty enough rest for most things, though the plantar fasciitis can be a long-term pain in the foot. Hopefully I didn't damage the fascia too badly, and 4 weeks will be long enough that I can get normal range and useage out of my foot again.

I guess this means that I will be doing a lot of yoga. Maybe I can find some pilates too. I hear that lots of people like that stuff. I've never done it, but it might be fun. I also still have my weight training, which I love so much. I'll dial it back to about 3 days per week, and just focus on my food choices through May. I can kick off my first week of June with some good time in the pool, because I'm going to visit with my grandparents. They have a pool at their house, and I can swim for as long, and as often, as I desire. That will get me right on track for when I get back into the harder workouts when I get home. I'd love to jump back into 30 Day Shred. I guess I'll be back to Level 1 again, instead of Level 2. That's ok though. I'll cope. *laughs*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The "I feel into a box of cookies" Workout

All I have to say is, "D'uh. Stupid." Really, what more is there to say? Don't keep the crap in the house, Squishy. It's hard, being that I'm the only person here who can't tolerate having the stuff around without gaining 100 pounds. Seriously, I'm eating a hard-boiled egg, and my husband is chowing down on pizza rolls. Sometimes it all just kind of sucks- but none of it sucks as much as knowing that I didn't make good decisions.

Anyway, I hurried and bolted a little something light to eat this morning- a yogurt and a cup of orange juice. I should have had something more substantial, but I was in a real hurry to get done with the gym in time to get home and take care of the squeakers. That said, this is what I managed to get done before I ran out of steam. I thought about doing more, but I found that I was hitting 150+ bpm for my heart rate, just trying to keep going.

Today's workout:

5 min @ 2.5 mph warmup
15 min. @ 3.5 mph (maybe 20 min.? Accidentally cleared the info. D'oh.)
1.44 mi in 20 mins. 3.5/7.5 sprints 2/1 intvls (2 min. recovery, 1 min. sprint)

Bench Press: p3 x 20; p4 x 20; p5 x 10
Row: p3 x 10; p4 x 20; p5 x 10

Elliptical: 15 min. (HR 148-150 bpm steady)

Lat Press: p4 x 10; p5 x 20

Bench Press: p3 x 20

Upright bike: 5 mi. in 20 min.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feeding Little Squirts

I'm not focusing so much on feeding myself today. *grins* Instead, we had to make a run to the local pet store for supplies, because my husband came home with baby rock pigeons last night. He was told to get rid of the nest, because the building owners wanted to have a netting put up. My husband just doesn't kill animals like that though, so he tried to wait until nighttime and catch the whole family, thinking that maybe he could just move them. Pigeon parents aren't for sacrificing themselves for the sake of their littles though. *chuckles* He wasn't able to catch either adult, so he had to make do with saving the babies.

So, I guess I have little opportunity for eating out of boredom, since I have two new little mouths to feed. If you want to see our new little babies, I have a link for you. :o )

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Needed A Boost

Do you ever just have those days when you feel really fat again? I guess it is just a matter of adjusting. I started out feeling happy and enthusiastic by the changes in me, but as time goes by, I'm noticing that I'm being harder on myself. Instead of saying "Yay! You lost a pound!", I'm being negative and looking at the parts of me that I feel needs so much work still.

To making things clearer to myself, I went shuffling through the closet. I have a purple dress that I had bought at the thrift store, only to find out that it was so tight that I couldn't zip it up. I put it on today, and it zipped easily. It clung a little to my lower abdomen/hips, but that is to be expected. I am a very pear-shaped woman right now. Still, the dress zipped, and it didn't look half bad!

I put on my strapless bra, only to find out that it is too loose on it's tightest size. That's a little disappointing, just because I paid so much money for it at LB. With it on, I tried on a couple of dresses. I have the dress that I bought for my aunt's wedding, but was unable to wear. I was about 5 inches away from zipping it. Today, the strapless dress tries to slip off and hang at my waist. I put on the dress that I wore for my sister's wedding, the one that I had to alter just so I could wear it. I took the zipper out and put a lace-up back in, because I wasn't able to get my baby weight off before the wedding. Now, I couldn't wear the dress, even with it laced as tight as I can get it. That one was a little sad, because I think of all the photo opportunities with my husband that turned out as less than pleasant, due to my excess weight. I wanted so much to look beautiful next to him, and regardless of how kind anyone was- I didn't feel beautiful.

I'll show you some pictures, so you can see what kind of changes I've been through. This is hard to do, let me tell ya! It's the thing that panic attacks are made of, but I think that it's important. I tried to turn a blind eye toward how horribly sad I was, and how overweight I had become.

Now, here is a daring progress picture that I put together for myself, and labeled. This is what I looked like at the beginning of the "Biggest Loser Blog Edition" challenge.

Boy, looking at swimsuit pictures is hard! Now, I've only lost 11.5 lbs. since the beginning of the challenge. I was starting to feel real bad about that, because it feels like I should be doing so much more. I see the numbers that other people are putting up, and my small numbers don't seem to be adding up to much. I took a new picture today though, and it really struck me. Now I know what 11.5 lbs. looks like.

Pardon the goofy pose in the second picture, but I still haven't figured out where to put my arm when taking side shots. It's hard for me to get that straight-on shot. You see, when I look at myself, all I can see are my pudgy hips, squishy lower abdomen, dimples, and chubby thighs. That's not fair to me though. I have worked really hard. There is obviously a lot going on with my body, because even though my numbers are small, I can see a huge difference. Even though my legs are dimpled, I have a lot of muscle underneath that fat. My abs are in good shape, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can see them better. My hips are slimming down a little at a time, and that is wonderful. I still have a lot of work to do, but that isn't a good reason for being mean to myself and only focusing on the parts that I have a hard time looking at right now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Little Post

I'm here! My weigh-in was this morning, and I came in at 192.5 , which is 2.5 lbs. down since last week's weigh-in. Yay for being down!

My quad is still tender, and I'm trying to baby it for a while. It really stinks to not be able to painlessly do something so simple as get up from a chair. I was able to walk today though, for a good 7.72 miles. It would have been nice to get up a an even 8 miles, but my leg was starting to get too sore. I didn't want to hurt myself.

My diet has been 110% for the past couple of days, which is probably a direct result from the things that I ate on Easter Sunday. *chuckles* I guess having a few cookies is a good motivator for eating veggie plates and Fiber One diligently. To help me rein things in a little bit, I've been eating more oatmeal. I eat 4-5 times per day, and I've been eating two "meals" of oatmeal the past couple of days. That has helped me get through the morning and early afternoon with my sanity intact. I find it interesting, how easily the oatmeal kills my desire to want to eat. *laughs* I do actually love oatmeal, but the double hit of oatmeal early in the day destroys any desire to eat with my eyes and work myself up to eating crap. I'm eating about 1,200 calories in a day, and I think that I'll keep my numbers there until I can do more strenuous exercise.

Alright, that's enough from me! Have a good night, friends!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Exercising with my husband might kill me...

When will I ever learn that my husband just has more muscle than I do, and that I don't have to be as strong as he is? Hopefully I learn that some time before I break into a million little mushy pieces. *laughs*

As far as cardio goes, I can drag myself around pretty well. I've got an advantage there, so I don't feel like I'm being "left behind" in a workout. With the weights though, there is just a part of me that just will not accept that though we are the same basic size- he will likely always be stronger than me. It's funny, because I don't actually want to be a big burly woman who could break her husband in two. *giggles* I think that it is just my competitive nature that drives me to try and match his ability, regardless of the fact that I don't physically have the same potential for upper-body strength as he does, at least not without trying to defy my body chemistry.

Ok, so I've established that I cannot lift as much as he can- so why do I want to try? Why do I feel like I'm wimping out to decrease the weights? It's such a stupid thing. This weekend, I was just this side of complete muscle failure on the bench press. It's been so long since I've been pushed hard, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to feel like every part of my body (practically my eyeballs) are pushing along with my arms. It was all nice and good until I was doing the lat presses, and then tried to get up from the bench. That darned quad jumped up and bit me- and I wasn't even exercising it!! That just makes me want to cuss a little bit. It ruined the time I had on the treadmill, because I can't take a full stride with my quad killin' me.

I'm surprised that I've been able to move around as well as I have been. My ribcage hurts. I don't feel like I've strained my back, but more like it is specifically my ribcage. I'm sure that was primarily from the lat press. It feels so good when I'm doing it, but it didn't feel so good after a night of sleep. My arms are tight, as is my chest. That feels good though. It's not pain, just tightness. This blasted quad injury though, it's making me angry. It was too painful to let my little girl sit on my leg so she could see the choir and dancers at our Easter service. That bummed me out. I let her sit there anyway, for as long as I could. Then I limped for a couple of hours.

I hate being injured.

It makes me angry.

That's probably silly of me, but I do bad things when I'm in pain. I tend to also do bad things when I can't exercise well, and I haven't figured out how to get good cardio without using my legs. By trying to do more upper-body, I've just stressed out my muscles that aren't used to quite so much attention. So, now I've got to try and do this thing called... rest.

I'm trying to rest all of me today. I had a little too much ham with my cauliflower and broccoli yesterday. I ate a small stuffed cabbage, which was a real treat. Then, I got a little stupid as the time wore on and I realized that I had very little to actually add to the conversations going on around me. I started playing with the kids, tickling the big ones and making silly noises and faces at the little ones. I refilled papa's coffee thermos and even tried to watch "Stomp The Yard". Really, who settles their disputes with a 'dance off'? When I ran out of things to say and children to pester, I started nibbling. I ate 2 oatmeal cookies, 1 piece of birthday cake, and 3 rice krispie treats. I also had one slice of cheddar cheese and a couple of triscuit things.

I guess that it wasn't all that bad, it just feels like it. I hate feeling like I'm not in complete control of myself. I guess if I'm being honest, my 'control freak' nature goes for dietary stuff and exercise. It is utterly stupid though to say to myself, "I'm angry that I can't exercise like I want to, so I'm going to eat a cookie because I want to and I can." It's counterproductive to my cause, and that little bit of control doesn't make me feel any better when it is slapping some fat right onto my squishy arse. When will I ever learn?

It is a hard lesson to learn- what to do when I come face to face with how NOT in control I am. Most of the time I own everything. I get the weight off by doing certain actions, whether it is the type of exercise that I most enjoy or eating healthy foods that I cling to. When any of that is out of my control, I start getting weird- and more than a little stupid. I certainly didn't do anything horrible over the weekend, nor anything that can't be undone with a couple days of diligence. So, I'm not going to beat myself up with my own foolishness. Still, it's a little frustrating to see just how far I am from being "there", that place where I can trust that making the right decision will be my first impulse.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wicked Burn

Oops. I knew a couple days ago that I had really worked my legs hard, and I should have been more careful with my stretches and massages. I know better. That is why I am a little frustrated now. I knew that I needed to be extra careful, but I only stretched the "normal" amount instead of baby-ing my quads. So, now I am in trouble.

Yesterday, I went down into a lunge, and there was the dreaded shot of pain and then the burn. You probably know that burn. It's the one that means that you'll be limping around for a week or two! lol My upper-thigh is sore now, but I've been putting ice on it. I've been very gently rubbing the soreness out, along with very gingerly stretching. If any movement is uncomfortable, I immediately stop it. I can still do the "Walk Away The Pounds" 2 mile video, because there isn't a bunch of jumping around, and no lunges. I have to be careful with the kick-backs, but the rest of the moves are alright. Other than that, so long as I start off slowly, I can build up to a pretty brisk walking pace with only the slightest twinge of discomfort.

All in all, I don't think that this is a bad pull. It is already beginning to feel a little bit better, though I'm certainly not going to test it out. I'm going to give my leg a rest through the weekend at least, before I even try a simple squat. Squats don't bother me so much because the weight is distributed between both legs evenly, but I don't even want to do that until I know that my right quad has had a chance to rest and heal. The easier I go on it right now, the sooner I can get back to arse-kicking workouts. In the meantime, I'm sticking to 2 hours of exercise each day, but I'm pretty limited in what I can do. Walking is really nice though! It has been absolutely wonderful to just soak in the sun and feel the wind on my face. That seems even more theraputic than the actual walking.

Oh, I was down another 1/2 lb. this morning, if the scale can be believed. *grins*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Here, Kicking Arse

Yeehaw. Shred, Level 2 is wicked. My sister and I gave that a shot this afternoon, and that was a tough workout! We made it all the way through though. I gutted it out, even though I pulled my right quad. I probably should have done something different, since I have been feeling some odd tightness for a couple of days now. I just thought that I would carefully stretch, and do it often. I guess that works fine... until you try to do a bunch of lunges. So, now I'm going to ice my leg, and try to handle it carefully for a couple of days. I'll stick to some moderate walking and biking, and just make up the difference by being uber-careful with my diet.

Once I feel like my quad will handle the abuse, I'm going to head back into Shred. I'll stick with Level 1 for a little while longer though. My sister looked like she was gonna pass out or something, and I know that I was having a hard time with those squat-jumps. So, I think that we can dial it back for a couple weeks, and then move it up. That's the good thing about Shred, that you can make the exercises as easy or as tough as you need them. I can still do Level 1, and kick my own arse real hard until it's time to move back up to Level 2.

That funky water weight seems to be working itself out. I've dropped 3 lbs., and am now hanging at 192 lbs. . That is a low weight for me, along this journey. I reached 184 lbs. previously, but then put weight back on with moving, and deaths in the family. I'm learning though! I feel confident that I won't be as apt to eat crap when I am depressed. Personally, I'd rather learn to make prayer and fasting my first response, instead of nibbling crap, you know? I've come a long way though, and I think that for the first time, I feel pretty secure with these lifestyle changes. In the meantime, I'm excited to see where this gut-busting month of April will leave me.

I had better get off of here though. My exercise is limited, with this pulled quad, so I'm going to poke my husband a bit and get him to go for a walk along the river with me. FUN! I love walking with my sweetie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weighing In

This morning, I'm coming in at 195 lbs. , which is up by 1 lb. since last week. I feel that pound. I am feeling so bloated and nasty, but I guess that is the [sarcasm] wonderful [/sarcasm] thing about getting my period. BLAAAAHH.

My numbers on the scale have been awful, awful, awful this month. The really ironic and kind of funny thing is that I have been doing great with my diet and have been totally rockin' out with my exercise. Since I've been pushing my body outside it's comfort zone, I know that I've been retaining water. It's bad enough to wake up feeling horrifically sore, and then I get to see the scale jump by 4 lbs. overnight.

I don't know if my numbers are going to be much better next week, because I'm not good at predicting what my body is going to do. Maybe I'll get a big whoosh, and maybe I won't. I don't really care, so long as I can tell that good things are going on with my body. I can tell that my pear-shape is being softened quite a bit. That is a really good feeling. I'm still poking my soft lower belly and wondering when I'm going to see much change there, but I guess it will eventually come. Somewhere along the way of losing these 30 lbs. , it will get better. In the meantime, I'm just drinking a ton of water and hoping that I'll stop feeling like an overfilled water balloon.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Checking In


Seriously, I am SORE today. My sister and I were laughing with each other about how sore our butts were this morning, but it's not so much funny as it is misery loving company. Shred was hard, but stacking all of those lunges of Cardio Max on top of an already hard workout- my lower body is just screaming at me. It's a good thing that tomorrow is Sunday!! *laughs* I have all day tomorrow to just rest and relax. If there is one good thing that I can say about working so hard during the week, it is that Sunday truly feels like a day of rest.

Like I said yesterday, today was to be a day of light exercise, but still for 2 hours in length. Since I've been so tight, I've done a lot of walking today. We took the kids to the mall to try and find some inexpensive, but nice, clothes for Easter. So, we walked around for a good while. I was feeling stressed after dinner, so I went on a walk. Seriously, I stayed gone for 2 hours, walking along the river. It was a little chilly and brisk, and I felt wonderful and ready to deal with the stresses at home as I made my way back to the house.

Bootcamp Day 3, An Update

I had a killer night with Jillian and Bob, all while Zoe sat on a kitchen chair and looked at me like I was crazy or stupid, maybe both. She's a skinny cat, so I guess it would all look like foolishness to her.

I enjoyed a relaxing day today, shopping at the dollar store and taking the kids to play around for part of the afternoon. I walked around Meijer and looked at new underwear, before I started laughing and just decided to wait. When I told my husband that I was having a dilemma concerning my over-sized underpants, he asked why I could be like Bridget Jones and have my own big, sexy granny panties. I could have died. Really. It was funny. I feel like I could probably hike some of the things up to my chin. It's not really that bad, but it's nice to laugh about it. There are worse things in the world than having loose underwear for a spell.

After I was done laughing about undies, I came home and got to work. My sister wanted to do a Richard Simmons video, but I surprised her by popping in '30 Day Shred'. Let me just say that my sister is a trooper. I really am proud of her. She stuck it out the whole way her first time through, and even did more after the workout was over.

Anyway, we did Level 1 this evening. I think that I'm getting better at jumping jacks. I still can't do the jump rope thing very well, so I kind of bop around on one foot at a time, which is the same way that I actually jump rope. Hey, you do what you have to with bum knees, right? I was able to really jump during the last circuit though. I guess I had done just enough jumping to smooth the way, and I got some real height when she was telling us to put all we had into it. Yay for me! Now, if only I could do good pushups! (I'll get there, as soon as I'm not so heavy in the middle. lol)

After doing '30 Day Shred', my sister and I did the warm-up and Level 1 on "Cardio Max" with Bob. There were too many lunges and stuff, after having just done Shred. By the time that we were done there, I had that vague feeling like I might just want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Since my arms and legs were shaking pretty hard, it was apparent that my body was telling me that that was enough of the same kinds of movements. There are only so many lunges and squats that I can do before falling over.

After "Cardio Max", I set the kitchen timer and just jogged for 30 minutes. Ok, part of that time I spent dancing around the livingroom. Sometimes you just get a song that makes your feet move, you know? To round out the end of my second hour, I worked with weights and did some sculpting exercises on the floor.

I did pretty much kick my own ass today. That's alright though. Tomorrow is going to be a much easier 2 hours. I think that I'll get up early again to walk in the XL Glider, just so I can do that in peace, without a three year old showing me how great he is at picking his nose. *chuckles* (boys!!) My sister says that she wants to do the "Tone & Sweat" video tomorrow, which is nearly all resistence training. That is about 30 minutes again, which leaves me a half hour to most likely take a refreshing walk around the park. Oh, we are so blessed to have a park with a beautiful walking track. We can take the kids and let them run ahead of us a little bit, and we just chat and walk off a couple of miles. Whatever we end up doing, I'm going to keep a nice, light exercise. I want to still keep moving and DOING, but nothing terribly intense. Even movement can feel like rest when it's done the right way. *grins*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Can't?

I read this today, on a "fitness trainer" website.

"You can't lose weight alone!"

I don't know. That one had me a little confused. Why can't I lose weight alone?

I know that having a supportive family is a huge help when losing weight. Even though my husband loves to eat his junk food while I'm trying very hard to convince myself that my oatmeal is just as yummy, he does help me with big things. My husband provided money for my gym membership, and he doesn't gripe about the time that I spend there, nor fuss about the groceries that I buy.

If I were alone though, wouldn't that mean that I could exercise however I want, and eat without the temptation of watching others eat junk food around me? I don't have anyone to drag me around and make me do the right thing. If I were determined to stay overly fat, that's how I would stay- regardless of what anyone else had to say.

In this journey toward better health, I am very much doing it alone. Sure, it's nice to hear from people about how they are doing. It's invigorating and motivating to see other people succeed. However, none of them are going to run the mile for me, or do weighted squats on my behalf. When it comes down to it, I am the only one who can make my body what I want it to be. In the end, I really kind of AM doing it alone. A list of blogs on the internet can only do so much for a gal. Somewhere along the line, I have to pull my own arse out of the chair and work my own body, and feed my own body correctly.

Good Morning, I think....

I'm possibly a little cranky today. I did manage to get in bed at a decent hour last night, except for the animals waking me up every hour of the night. *cries* If it wasn't the dog whining and begging to go outside, or have some more water, it was one of the cats getting into stuff. I found Tig batting around my sister's ear buds under the table, and had to rescue them. Since I'm the only one who sleeps so lightly (and hears every blessed thing), I am the only person around to take care of these things. *yawns* I think my brain hurts. It wanted sleep.

My biceps are tight, and a little sore today. I keep stretching my arms back gently, trying to carefully work out the kinks. For such a silly little foo-foo man, Richard Simmons certainly knows how to make my arms fall off. (I really do love him. *grins*) That was only with the 5 lb. weights! I'm going to just claim muscle exhaustion, since I did the 'Walk Away The Pounds" and a portion of the video uses weights during the aerobic exercise. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Though I was tired and sore, I did still get my exercise in this morning- just a little later than planned. DH was going to drag me out of bed this morning, but he let me go back to sleep after I told him about the foolishness of our furry friends. He just tucked me back in and said, "good night". *grins* He's nice to me. He didn't have time to take out the garbage, so he asked me if I could do it for him. I bolted out of bed just after 8:00 a.m., because I heard the garbage truck passing the house! Oops. Thankfully, I have the ability to put my trash out on the front street too, since I live on the corner. It's a wonderful blessing. So, I was wide awake from running out of the house and dragging garbage cans. I figured that it was as good a time as any to get to exercising.

My plan was to just walk for 35 minutes on my XL Glider in the morning, but I stuck it out for an hour today. Quite frankly, I'm wanting to give the weights a rest today, at least a little bit. Since I'm working to exercise for at least 2 hours each day, the walking is filling my movement quota for me. By 9:30 a.m. I was already halfway done with my exercise for the day.

Since I'm feeling rather slow today, I think that I'm going to opt for some yoga instead of the higher paced cardio. I don't mind working hard. I'm just not up for FAST. Maybe I'll feel more spunky later in the afternoon. Right now, I'm more in the mood for sculpting and yoga stuff.

On a positive note, I've dropped a pound since yesterday. If I can just lose 6 more pounds some time before May 20th, I'll have a big ole smile on my face. That will put me at an even 60 lbs. lost. I know that with dedication I can earn those pounds, and maybe even a few more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bootcamp: Day 1

My first day was pretty good. *smiles* I don't think that I've overworked myself, but I did get in 2 hr. 15 min. of exercise. My calories were a little high, at 1,700. Since I'm not sure where I should be eating, I'm not going to worry so much about numbers so long as I don't feel like I'm starving and I'm ALSO making good food choices.

I was exercising at 7 a.m. on the XL Glider, walking while watching the news. During the afternoon, I did the "Walk Away The Pounds" 3 mile video, and followed it with Richard Simmons' "Tone & Sweat". Man, that was pretty killer on my shoulders, all of that work with the weights. After dinner I went for a brisk walk and pounded some pavement outside, since the sun was shining.

One day down, 29 to go. :o )