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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bootcamp Day 3, An Update

I had a killer night with Jillian and Bob, all while Zoe sat on a kitchen chair and looked at me like I was crazy or stupid, maybe both. She's a skinny cat, so I guess it would all look like foolishness to her.

I enjoyed a relaxing day today, shopping at the dollar store and taking the kids to play around for part of the afternoon. I walked around Meijer and looked at new underwear, before I started laughing and just decided to wait. When I told my husband that I was having a dilemma concerning my over-sized underpants, he asked why I could be like Bridget Jones and have my own big, sexy granny panties. I could have died. Really. It was funny. I feel like I could probably hike some of the things up to my chin. It's not really that bad, but it's nice to laugh about it. There are worse things in the world than having loose underwear for a spell.

After I was done laughing about undies, I came home and got to work. My sister wanted to do a Richard Simmons video, but I surprised her by popping in '30 Day Shred'. Let me just say that my sister is a trooper. I really am proud of her. She stuck it out the whole way her first time through, and even did more after the workout was over.

Anyway, we did Level 1 this evening. I think that I'm getting better at jumping jacks. I still can't do the jump rope thing very well, so I kind of bop around on one foot at a time, which is the same way that I actually jump rope. Hey, you do what you have to with bum knees, right? I was able to really jump during the last circuit though. I guess I had done just enough jumping to smooth the way, and I got some real height when she was telling us to put all we had into it. Yay for me! Now, if only I could do good pushups! (I'll get there, as soon as I'm not so heavy in the middle. lol)

After doing '30 Day Shred', my sister and I did the warm-up and Level 1 on "Cardio Max" with Bob. There were too many lunges and stuff, after having just done Shred. By the time that we were done there, I had that vague feeling like I might just want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Since my arms and legs were shaking pretty hard, it was apparent that my body was telling me that that was enough of the same kinds of movements. There are only so many lunges and squats that I can do before falling over.

After "Cardio Max", I set the kitchen timer and just jogged for 30 minutes. Ok, part of that time I spent dancing around the livingroom. Sometimes you just get a song that makes your feet move, you know? To round out the end of my second hour, I worked with weights and did some sculpting exercises on the floor.

I did pretty much kick my own ass today. That's alright though. Tomorrow is going to be a much easier 2 hours. I think that I'll get up early again to walk in the XL Glider, just so I can do that in peace, without a three year old showing me how great he is at picking his nose. *chuckles* (boys!!) My sister says that she wants to do the "Tone & Sweat" video tomorrow, which is nearly all resistence training. That is about 30 minutes again, which leaves me a half hour to most likely take a refreshing walk around the park. Oh, we are so blessed to have a park with a beautiful walking track. We can take the kids and let them run ahead of us a little bit, and we just chat and walk off a couple of miles. Whatever we end up doing, I'm going to keep a nice, light exercise. I want to still keep moving and DOING, but nothing terribly intense. Even movement can feel like rest when it's done the right way. *grins*