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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bored, But Still Kickin

So, I was at the gym the other day. I finished 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, which has become my favorite thing. Basically, I alternate between a brisk walk and a sprint... and I do it until I feel like I want to toss my cookies. *chuckles* It's really not that bad. I just like to push myself, but I always keep an eye on my heart rate. I try to keep it between 150 and 160 when running sprints. That is at the high end of my range, but it feels good to work hard.

After running, I hit the weights and did a good, hard upper-body workout. My arms, shoulders, and back are feeling pretty darned good. I don't feel as bad about my arms because I at least have muscle in there, and it's not all floppy fat. I'm gaining enough definition that I feel there is something to be proud of, regardless of how many times my arm waves when I wave. Anyway, I wanted to get my heart rate back up, and the elliptical looked good. I had been flirting with it a little, about 10 minutes at a time. We have that kind of funny relationship.

Before I started exercising so much, I couldn't last more than 30-60 seconds on the elliptical. I would get searing, awful pain through my knees. I thought that it would always be off limits for me, because of that. However, I got bold and tried it again anyway, and I found that it didn't hurt anymore. This week though, I did too much. I wasn't used to the motion of the elliptical, and the repeated flexing of my foot was more than my body wanted to deal with. I was on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, and in that time I seem to have earned myself a case of plantar fasciitis. *sigh* It's always something, isn't it?

Anyway, that really kicks the crap out of my cardio options. I don't have a pool, so I'm getting pretty bored with the bike. I've never been one to really dig on exercise bikes anyway. Maybe if I was in a real spinning class, I might like it. Pedaling by myself is mind-numbing though. I've thought that maybe rowing wouldn't be too hard on my sore foot, but I somehow slipped the chain off the flywheel on my ergometer. My husband needs to take a look at it for me, but he has been busy. So, I've been sitting more often than not, rolling my foot on a bottle full of ice water. It helps ease the pain, and I can walk. I don't know how long it will be before I can do anything strenuous on my feet though. Between babying the strained quad and now the hurt foot, I'm more than a little frustrated. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't just stick to moderate weight training for a while, and try harder to stay 100% "on plan" with my healthier eating.

My main goals for right now are to crank down on my diet and be more careful with what I eat, and to not lose muscle. I don't even care about losing more weight at the moment. I'll probably always be a little fat, because I don't care enough about being tiny in comparison to living a comfortable life. I'm not bothered by being slightly squishy. I just don't want to lose my muscle defintion and strength. We'll see what I can manage, and whether it makes me insane to try and be gentle with my body for a while. I'm thinking that 4 weeks is plenty enough rest for most things, though the plantar fasciitis can be a long-term pain in the foot. Hopefully I didn't damage the fascia too badly, and 4 weeks will be long enough that I can get normal range and useage out of my foot again.

I guess this means that I will be doing a lot of yoga. Maybe I can find some pilates too. I hear that lots of people like that stuff. I've never done it, but it might be fun. I also still have my weight training, which I love so much. I'll dial it back to about 3 days per week, and just focus on my food choices through May. I can kick off my first week of June with some good time in the pool, because I'm going to visit with my grandparents. They have a pool at their house, and I can swim for as long, and as often, as I desire. That will get me right on track for when I get back into the harder workouts when I get home. I'd love to jump back into 30 Day Shred. I guess I'll be back to Level 1 again, instead of Level 2. That's ok though. I'll cope. *laughs*


Linda said...

ouch! gawd I'm still struggling with my PF pain. Yesterday for example I was in dressy shoes to go to the symphony and with out fail it was bothering when I woke up. So I'm sticking to the keens today...

Hope you're able to stick to your modified routine and keep your motivation up for when it does heal.

foodiegettingfit said...

check out the yoga channel on youtube. I'm starting to get into yoga and I think they have tons of good options for free...Is there not a pool in your town that you can get a "relatively" cheap membership too??