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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Checking In


Seriously, I am SORE today. My sister and I were laughing with each other about how sore our butts were this morning, but it's not so much funny as it is misery loving company. Shred was hard, but stacking all of those lunges of Cardio Max on top of an already hard workout- my lower body is just screaming at me. It's a good thing that tomorrow is Sunday!! *laughs* I have all day tomorrow to just rest and relax. If there is one good thing that I can say about working so hard during the week, it is that Sunday truly feels like a day of rest.

Like I said yesterday, today was to be a day of light exercise, but still for 2 hours in length. Since I've been so tight, I've done a lot of walking today. We took the kids to the mall to try and find some inexpensive, but nice, clothes for Easter. So, we walked around for a good while. I was feeling stressed after dinner, so I went on a walk. Seriously, I stayed gone for 2 hours, walking along the river. It was a little chilly and brisk, and I felt wonderful and ready to deal with the stresses at home as I made my way back to the house.


Kud said...

I love walking and I think its' a great great way to deal with any kind of emotion that is weighing you down. Much better than eating your feelings away :D

I got a new blog, so instead of Fabulously Fit, you should stop by the new blog that is linked in Fabulously Fit. It'll be updated more frequently with more colorful posts. Much more like me than Fabulously Fit :D