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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feeding Little Squirts

I'm not focusing so much on feeding myself today. *grins* Instead, we had to make a run to the local pet store for supplies, because my husband came home with baby rock pigeons last night. He was told to get rid of the nest, because the building owners wanted to have a netting put up. My husband just doesn't kill animals like that though, so he tried to wait until nighttime and catch the whole family, thinking that maybe he could just move them. Pigeon parents aren't for sacrificing themselves for the sake of their littles though. *chuckles* He wasn't able to catch either adult, so he had to make do with saving the babies.

So, I guess I have little opportunity for eating out of boredom, since I have two new little mouths to feed. If you want to see our new little babies, I have a link for you. :o )


Ida said...

Cute babies. Hope you can keep them alive until they are grown.

Diana said...

I love your husband! Not many men would worry about baby pigeons. He sounds like a sweetie.