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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Can't?

I read this today, on a "fitness trainer" website.

"You can't lose weight alone!"

I don't know. That one had me a little confused. Why can't I lose weight alone?

I know that having a supportive family is a huge help when losing weight. Even though my husband loves to eat his junk food while I'm trying very hard to convince myself that my oatmeal is just as yummy, he does help me with big things. My husband provided money for my gym membership, and he doesn't gripe about the time that I spend there, nor fuss about the groceries that I buy.

If I were alone though, wouldn't that mean that I could exercise however I want, and eat without the temptation of watching others eat junk food around me? I don't have anyone to drag me around and make me do the right thing. If I were determined to stay overly fat, that's how I would stay- regardless of what anyone else had to say.

In this journey toward better health, I am very much doing it alone. Sure, it's nice to hear from people about how they are doing. It's invigorating and motivating to see other people succeed. However, none of them are going to run the mile for me, or do weighted squats on my behalf. When it comes down to it, I am the only one who can make my body what I want it to be. In the end, I really kind of AM doing it alone. A list of blogs on the internet can only do so much for a gal. Somewhere along the line, I have to pull my own arse out of the chair and work my own body, and feed my own body correctly.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You are absolutely correct. Trainers may inspire and suggest, buy it is you who has to do the work. Diet systems may point out what foods and in what portions are good for weight loss , but in the end it is you putting it on the fork, lifting it to your mouth...and learning to stop at the appropriate time for your body. Truth is the only way you will lose weight is on your own, and not because of some extended system of support.

Personally, there are days I would like to hire a trainer to do the work for me and collect the benefits. I have busy days and this would really come in handy !