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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Here, Kicking Arse

Yeehaw. Shred, Level 2 is wicked. My sister and I gave that a shot this afternoon, and that was a tough workout! We made it all the way through though. I gutted it out, even though I pulled my right quad. I probably should have done something different, since I have been feeling some odd tightness for a couple of days now. I just thought that I would carefully stretch, and do it often. I guess that works fine... until you try to do a bunch of lunges. So, now I'm going to ice my leg, and try to handle it carefully for a couple of days. I'll stick to some moderate walking and biking, and just make up the difference by being uber-careful with my diet.

Once I feel like my quad will handle the abuse, I'm going to head back into Shred. I'll stick with Level 1 for a little while longer though. My sister looked like she was gonna pass out or something, and I know that I was having a hard time with those squat-jumps. So, I think that we can dial it back for a couple weeks, and then move it up. That's the good thing about Shred, that you can make the exercises as easy or as tough as you need them. I can still do Level 1, and kick my own arse real hard until it's time to move back up to Level 2.

That funky water weight seems to be working itself out. I've dropped 3 lbs., and am now hanging at 192 lbs. . That is a low weight for me, along this journey. I reached 184 lbs. previously, but then put weight back on with moving, and deaths in the family. I'm learning though! I feel confident that I won't be as apt to eat crap when I am depressed. Personally, I'd rather learn to make prayer and fasting my first response, instead of nibbling crap, you know? I've come a long way though, and I think that for the first time, I feel pretty secure with these lifestyle changes. In the meantime, I'm excited to see where this gut-busting month of April will leave me.

I had better get off of here though. My exercise is limited, with this pulled quad, so I'm going to poke my husband a bit and get him to go for a walk along the river with me. FUN! I love walking with my sweetie.


Kud said...

Slow but steady weight-loss is the best. Isn't it?? And I give you props for jumping on that shred workouts. They look super scary :D