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Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's funny how the little things can make such a difference. I've been leaning heavily on oatmeal, yogurt, and watermelon. That is how I survived my sister's food chatter last night. *laughs* She wanted some sweets BAD, so I told her that it was fine for her to wander off and find her junk food without me, while I searched out some better groceries. She ended up buying a bag of Oreo cookies, and then kept offering me some. I wonder if she didn't just want someone to be "naughty" with her. Instead, I took myself off to the living room to watch Star Trek and eat celery.

You know, I really do not like celery. My daughter likes it though, so I cut myself some while I was making her a peanut butter and celery snack. Star Trek helped to distract me from all of the cookies that were floating around the kitchen, because I really like the Voyager episode where the doctor and Seven accidentally make a "child" through a transporter accident (episode- "Drone"). Seven is one of my favorite Voyager characters. :o ) I could have almost ignored the taste of nothingness, but not even tv could distract me from feeling like a cow with my cud. Strings!

The celery helped me feel fuller though, so I was able to get through the evening without mucking it all up with junk food. I did eat a cup of yogurt and a few cheese puffs though, but the cheese puffs rank much lower on the "I'm going to eat myself stupid" scale. They aren't a trigger food for me, so I can just have a few and then put it all away.

All in all, I did well with my eating and water intake yesterday, and I saw some good results on the scale this morning. With two solid days of good eating, I've dropped 3 pounds. Drinking water does wonderful things. *grins* Here's to day number three!! I have nothing against having the occasional higher-calorie day, but I know that I need to stick with what I am doing until I get into the middle 80's. Then I may be able to have one relaxed meal before clamping down on things again. Gotta keep those good habits, and not get into feeding my eyes and mouth, instead of my whole body.

As I was getting the house cleaned up last night, I asked my husband to take the Oreo cookies down to my sister, for her to put them away in the basement. They are now safe, and I am safe from them. lol


foodiegettingfit said...

That's awesome that you were able to avoid temptation like that. I think the celery thing was a great idea because you were able to keep your mouth busy without ingesting tons of calories. And it's key to much on things that won't trigger a binge. Congrats on the minus three pounds. Water is the magic potion! Keep being awesome!

Sarah said...

Wow great job on avoiding and getting rid of the cookies!!