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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Attack of the Food

Ugh, my food choices have been bad. I've just been eating whatever has been in front of me. I've just been in a kind of bad place, mentally, and it's been crappy for making good decisions.

I think that I existed on pretzels yesterday, until my husband brought pizza home for dinner. I was so busy, clearing out my computer room and hauling my sister's bed up the stairs and into that room. Instead of eating, I just grabbed pretzels a few at a time and kept on moving. That has been the standard for the past couple of days. I've been working my butt off, trying to get things in order at the house while taking care of the kids.

Now that I am getting used to what needs to be done to keep my nephew from flushing toys down the toilet or squirting shampoo down the laundry chute, I think that I'm ready to get a grip and get back to business. I'm a little afraid to step on the scale, but I'm not going to shy away from it. I'll take my knock, and then I'll do what needs to be done- healthy eating and exercise.

I don't know what I've managed to do to myself, but my chest still hurts. It is the craziest thing. I almost wonder if I didn't pull something, just by the tension in my body, and how hard I was clenching down on myself to try and control the shaking. I think that until I start to feel like I'm at 100%, I'll just stick to some moderate exercise videos, like my 'Walk Away The Pounds" tapes. The big thing is going to be squaring my shoulders and clamping down on my diet.


Ida said...

I'm so lifting you up in prayer, dear. I know that it must be so easy to slip away during this time of stress. Stay strong and lean on God for His comfort. God bless.

Mama Bear June said...

Praying for you. During stressful times, it can be hard to think about eating healthy and exercising. Hang in there.
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