Current Happenings

Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Morning Again, World.

Top O' Da Mornin'
I've got a cup of coffee in my hand, and the sun is shining. It makes everything in the world feel 'right'. *laughs* It also helps that the washer is already running, and I'm nearly caught up with the clothes that needed to be folded and put away. It's good to feel productive while it's still morning. *wink*

My foot is feeling pretty good this morning. I was wary of putting shoes on, but I needed to put something on, as I was going down into the basement. I'm a crazy gal when it comes to having clean socks. I wear slippers constantly because I want my clean socks, but my slippers have sprung holes. That was a sad, sad day. Anyway, even though I have my shoe on, my foot feels alright. I'm going to go out on a limb this morning and try "power" walking on my glider this morning. I'm going to shoot for a consistent 4 mph, though I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do it yet. On the plus side, the glider doesn't have the same motion as the elliptical, so I don't raise up on my toes on the back-end. That may work to my advantage in a big way.

Jillian Michaels
I just caught the last bit of her appearance on Huckabee last night, which bummed me out. I had been meaning to set the DVR to record it, but then forgot. Oops. Such is life with C.R.S. I guess.

What I did see, Jillian was talking about all of the toxins that we ingest or come in contact with, and how they can mess up one's metabolism. Let me first say that I love Jillian Michaels. I listen to her podcasts, so it didn't take me long to realize that I've heard these talking points before. She has shared her thoughts on toxins in the foods (really doesn't like chicken, which was a surprise to me at first). In the end though, for as much as I love Jill, I just can't follow her advice on eliminating said toxins. I have no glass tupper containers. I don't even buy tupperwear, but instead reuse old margarine tubs and the like. I'm a little bit of a tightwad. I have to be though, to make my husband's hard-earned money feed, clothe, and shelter 4 adults and two children. (It would be easier if we just had more kids, I'm sure.)

Being that I have many "crunchy" mom friends who raise their own food, sew their own clothes, etc. , I am very aware of all the ways that people can change their lives to life a "toxin free" existence. I guess that I'm just not willing to put that much time, money, and effort into doing all of that- only to get cancer from all of the other toxins that are completely out of my control. Does that make sense? If I know that something is going to make me really sick, I'm not going to eat (or use) it. I guess that explains why I don't drink or smoke. I can even try to buy wild salmon, instead of the farmed fish that have so much mercury. I'm pretty sure that my plastic wrap isn't going to kill me though. Maybe a strong wind will blow through my kitchen and the roll will get wrapped around my head and suffocate me... not. I'm not worried about toxins from it though. If the plastic wrap doesn't get me, it'll be air pollution, chemicals in the water, disease, a car crash, or more likely a heart attack. One way or another, I'm going to check out of this place and take up residence with the Lord. I'm sure that He offers purely organic produce and I won't need to reuse plastic margarine tubs.

My Friend, The Scale
I talked with my friend, the scale, this morning. We had a good conversation, and he was kind to me. He said that eating watermelon has helped me a lot, and that I should keep drinking my water faithfully. I now weigh one pound less, which is a good thing.

Though I was wanting to stay away from grains, I did break down and have a sandwich last night. I saw some lovely pumpernickel bread at the store last night, and just had to have it. So, I took a slice and cut it in half (to make two slices), and topped it with two small slices of turkey breast deli meat, some lettuce, and mustard. It was wonderfulness in my mouth. I think that I may do the same thing for lunch today. I never used to like dark breads when I was younger, but now I really like things that have a different taste. I also really dig on sourdough. Anyway, by keeping the portion small, I didn't undo all of my good work during the day.

I ate quite a bit of fruit yesterday. I should probably eat more veggies today. I'll see. I bought another watermelon, and I keep making eyes at it. Some of that will be in my mouth today, just you wait and see. *nods* Yum. I also bought a bag of baby apples (they are really small!) and some bananas. I don't generally like bananas all that much, but they are hitting some spot right now. I just had one with my coffee.

The Exercise Of It All
Well, I had better get my butt out of this chair. I need to go and exercise. I need to lift some weight. My muscles are just begging for it. I'm going to hit the XL Glider first though, to try and get some cardio in while the gettin' is good.