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Monday, May 11, 2009

Man-Handling the Chaos (It's Monday Again!)

Life has been rather interesting for a few days now. There has been some painful drama at the house, and it is starting to wear a hole in me. My sister is sad and doesn't want to do anything, and it just eats at me all day. I realized that this is all going to be harder than I though, when I woke up this morning and just did not want to get out of bed and see anyone. I don't do stress well.

Intent on not sinking into the Nothing, I jumped out of bed and threw some exercise clothes on, and grabbed my gym shoes. I snagged workout pants with a drawstring waist this time, having learned my lesson last week- when my pants fell right off my butt. It's a good thing that I was wearing a long top! I didn't want a repeat of that em-bare-ass-ment. *chuckles* I grabbed my MP3 player and took off for a jog. I completed a 5k this morning, on an empty stomach, just to work through my feelings. Then I came home and started sucking down water, trying all that time not to throw up. I've learned my lesson. I'll eat something first, next time.

For breakfast, I had a small banana after bolting some water. Then, I settled for a packet of instant oatmeal, strawberries & cream. (222 calories) I don't really have time for anything else. I've got chores up to my eyeballs, and little help. So, I'm going to just get started, and then enjoy more substantial foods later. I have some beans and chicken in the pressure cooker. I'm going to make a soup with that little bit of chicken, the Great Northern beans, carrots, and corn. I'll pop biscuits in the oven, and that will be dinner. In the meantime though, I need to go and mow the grass.

* * *

Ok, I'm back for lunch. Um. It sucks. I'm up to my eyeballs in work, and I'm just pissed off. I don't say that much, but I am. I got the grass cut, but the pull string on the mower slipped out of my hand and somehow whipped back and clipped me across the face. That stung so bad I had to check for blood. It just poked some already tender and angry feelings that I'm having today. Then, the neighbor across the street walked over to move the kids' toys out from behind my next-door neighbor's vehicle. That was darned embarassing, made more so because I can't believe that they were left like that in the first place. Gwar. It's not fair for me to be so angry today, but I am. I feel helpless and hectic, not knowing what is alright to say and what is going to make people upset, and all of that just ties me in knots and makes me pissed off. I hate feeling like my hands are tied. I guess my Irish temper is showing a bit today. I'm having a Callahan Day. lol

Anyway, like I said- lunch sucks. I can't find much to eat right now. I have 10 oz. of watermelon and a yogurt cup with 8 oz. of almonds thrown in. I was trying to find some way to get a little fat and protein in, because I acknowledge that my food choices are not so great right now. Yup, that would be a whole 217 calories for lunch. Not good. I need to get off of here though and finish eating so I can get this load of laundry put away before the other is finished drying, and the dishes are still calling for attention.
During the afternoon, I stopped working around the house to have a small snack of pretzels between loads of laundry.

For dinner, we had some simple soup that I made from the little bit of chicken that I had in the freezer, some Great Northern beans, creamed corn, and a wee bit of mashed potato flakes. All in all, it was a very yummy soup, and it got us all fed. I also baked some biscuits that I bought for 50% off during my last grocery trip. Sorry, I forgot to take the picture until I was nearly done eating. *chuckles*

I'm sipping on the leftovers from a bottle of my diet Cream Soda.


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Deep breathing and count backwards from 100. Counting up to ten just ain't long enough on some days. Sounds like today is one of those days.

If you can find time to give yourself a "timeout" do it. Even if it's grocery shopping. Or vaccuuming. Something where noone can talk to you.

Ida said...

Just remember, no great history changing event is going tohappen if you don't get the laundry all done and put away, or if the dishes go unwashed for a day. (if it were, then all the bad thing happening in the world can be traced back to my house, where housework is NOT done more often than it is done. RELAX a little. If you don't do it all, just maybe someone else will do a little...but don't count on it. Sorry your sister is stressing you out so. Hardest thing in the world is having another adult live with you, trust me I know! Here hoping things are better for you tomorrow.