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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marathon, anyone?

Ok folks, after watching Ron limp his way for 26.2 miles- who wants to walk/run a marathon? We have a 2 mile walking/running track at my local park, and I'm going to do it. I know that I can't run a marathon, but that's no excuse for not doing it. Come rain or shine, I'm going down to the park on May 20th to log my 26.2 miles on my "Fit-iversary". If anyone wants to join in, for part of the walk/jog, or the whole thing, you are more than welcome to huff and puff along with me. If you're going to be in the S.E. Michigan area, feel free to shoot me an email for the details. :o )


Brooke said...

I was totally inspired by Ron last night too. What a trooper. I can't imagine doing ANYTHING for -what was it - 13 hours? Dang. I give him props. I wish I could join you - Idaho just isn't anywhere close. Maybe I'll have my own little marathon here. My hubby and I ran 10K the other day. I'll have to post the pic and tell the story. Good luck!!

Bre said...

That sounds sooo cool!! Wish I could join you, I will be with you in spirit!!

Ida said...

Wish I could join you, but Kansas is little far away. Maybe we should all do a walk/run that day where ever we are. Then post our results and pics, if we have any. THAT would be cool. How about it gang?