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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is me, Mumbling and Cursing

I'm weighing in today. The scale whomped me upside my head this morning with a big ole 196 lbs of flubber.

I've been so out of sorts, and it's not really better yet. Hopefully, now that my sister is back home, I can start getting back into a better routine. This has just been an icky week for me.

I'm going to be taking pictures of my food today, and putting back a lot of water today. My water intake has been pretty much non-existent of late. I know how bad that is, so it's crazy that I haven't done something about it before now.

For breakfast, I am having my wonderful oatmeal that I love so much. It is 20 g. oats, 2 oz. Almond Breeze, 8 g. raisins, and 8 g. almonds. In addition to that, I'm nearly done with my cup that holds 3 c. of water, and I've also got an extra-small banana.

I just have to share a picture with you. While I eat my meals, I now get to listen to the incredibly cute little meows of baby kittens! Zoe just birthed them yesterday afternoon, and they live in a box under our dining table. There are 6 little babies. We only really "know" two of them though, because it is still too hard to tell them apart, since they have markings that are very similar to one another.

While we were doing homework, I grabbed another blue cup full of water.

For lunch, I have a wonderful turkey sandwich with mustard and lettuce, on pumpernickel bread. I traded in my store bakery bread for the commercially baked bread that was much more in line with what I needed. The bakery bread was 180 calories for one slice, so I had to take that slice and cut it in two in order to have a sandwich. The commercially baked bread is 120 for two full sized slices. It makes my mouth happy. Anyway, with my sandwich, I also have 6 0z. (raw) asparagus that I roasted with a couple sprays of fake butter stuff, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. That was very yummy, and I even convinced my 3 year old nephew to try it by comparing one to Jr. Asparagus from Veggie Tales. He liked it! To wash it all down, I have a cup of coffee and another blue cup that holds 3 cups of water.

I needed a snack this afternoon, something with a little crunch. I opted for some Wheat Thins, and also a banana to help me feel fuller.
Now that I'm starting to put dinner together, I'm noticing that I'm getting uncomfortable. So, I grabbed a leftover diet Cream Soda. There was about half a bottle left, and I'm sipping on that to help take the edge off of things until dinner is ready.

For dinner, I made 4 oz. baked chicken w/30 g. light ranch, 4 oz. Zatarains rice, 2 oz. corn, and 8 oz. (raw) roasted asparagus. That was a lot of food! I kind of needed that though, after having such a lean afternoon. Since we eat dinner earlier than most people, it all works out.


spunkysuzi said...

Looks like a great beginning to your day :) Now put the scale in a closet and don't look at it for a week! I say that but would have a hard time doing it myself but at least it wouldn't keep yelling at you :)

Ida said...

Sounds like you did quite well on your eating today. I need to up my water intake, too. Seem to have gotten lax about my drinking. Show that scale what you are made of and don't let it beat you up! With what you have been going through, it's wonder it wasn't more.