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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Waking Up, Getting Down

I didn't do a great job with getting my pictures taken yesterday, but I had a busy evening. Here is my end-of-day summary. If you click on the picture, you can read it better. Anyway, my pie chart looks like poo, but I was so preoccupied trying to help someone that I didn't have time to round out my diet. By the time that I was able to get to bed at 12:30 a.m. , I didn't think that it would be all that helpful to eat right before sleeping.

Today is a new day though, and I am glad for it. The sun is shining a little bit and I think that we all need to get outside and enjoy it while it's here. We've got thunderstorms coming this afternoon. Ick.

I was thinking yesterday that it is silly for me to buy packets of instant oatmeal. My own oatmeal is so much better. I've got the dry oats, almonds, raisins, and Almond Breeze. That makes a much better bowl of oatmeal than the pre-packaged stuff that I keep trying to talk myself into liking. I still buy the "strawberries & cream" oatmeal, since I like their little bits of dehydrated strawberry stuff. I'm having my own oatmeal this morning though. I make small bowls of oatmeal, since I don't generally like to eat much at one time. Each bowl is 156 calories.

The scale was down again this morning, and I'm happy with what it said. I'm coming in at 191.5 again, which is where I was before I had my lapse of good judgement. I think that on some weird level, I've been dragging my feet about breaking into the 80's, because that is as far down as I've managed to get during my adult years. I'm not exactly sure why I have such anxiety about it, but I think that maybe I just feel like I can't do better than that. There's also that little thought in the back of my mind that I don't know what to do if I don't have another goal to attain. Before I get reach 160 lbs. , I think that I need to find some kind of physical goal to train for. I've never been good at "treading water".

Anyway, I need to finish breakfast and clean the kitchen. I'll be back for lunch...

Ok, I'm back from a jog around the neighborhood. I plugged all of my numbers in, and I realized that I jog in a rather pathetic fashion. *laughs* Most people walk as fast as I jog. Then again, I did slow down a couple times to a walk, because I'm just not used to running outside. It was raining, and I put my jacket on to keep from getting cold out there. By the time that I got home, it felt like it weighed 5 lbs., though I had only been out for 34 minutes. I jogged for 2.8 miles, which put me at a 4.9 mph pace. See? I'm a slow-poke. I always have been. I enjoy jogging, but it isn't a natural function for my body. Heehee...

CPH says that my little foray around the neighborhood burned 390 calories. I don't know exactly how accurate their calculations are, but I'm gonna run with it. *wink* My sore foot is still a little sore. It hurt the most at the beginning of the jog, but it felt fine after the first mile. I'm going to ice it now, and hopefully that will be plenty enough to keep me walking alright.

Now that I'm back, I grabbed some refreshment. I put down 16 oz. of water, and drank just a wee bit of diet Cream Soda that had been leftover from yesterday. I'll have another 16 oz. with lunch, and the soda is gonna last that long too. I just sip on it a little bit at a time, just to have the flavor in my mouth.

For lunch, I am having 1 c. of bean soup, the last of the pot that I cooked the other day. I also have half a turkey breast sandwich, on light bread with lettuce and mustard.

For a snack, I am grabbing a banana this afternoon. For some reason, running seems to have disrupted my system a little bit! My guts are in a bit of a twist, for some reason or another. Bananas are yummy and feels soothing. Now I am off to read a bit of my book for a while. I love reading, and it always helps to have a good, substantial book of 500 pages or so. *grins*

I still have no idea what I am having for dinner. I need to dig around in the freezer and see what I have.

For dinner, I baked some chicken legs, but I didn't think that there was going to be enough for everyone. So, I had 2 oz. of leftover ham instead. Combine the ham with some green beans and a big biscuit, and that was dinner. I know that those biscuits are a real caloric hit, but I really wanted one. I'm all about having what I want (within reason), so long as I have the room in my caloric budget. So, that is what I did. After dinner, that still only puts me at 826 calories for the day.

I had wanted to cut my watermelon today, but I think that I might just wait until the morning. I have a bit of cantaloupe to finish first. I guess I can have some more of that for a snack this evening.

For my "supper", I enjoyed a nice meal of my oatmeal and 8 oz. of cantaloupe. I also ended up drinking 4 cups of water. Yum.
To round things out and finish me off for the night, I measured out a serving of ranch Wheat Thins.
Here is my summary for the day.


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I can understand your feelings about the weight and being the lowest ! I keep wondering if I am subconsciously blocking myself from getting out of the 230's because somewhere in the 220's I got pregnant the first time and had a stillbirth. Then I worked my way all the way down to 200 and got pregnant with my son, and it was a very rough and high risk pregnancy.I don't believe it to be so on one hand, but there is a part of me that wonders if fear is making me stall here.

Squishy ! said...

It's amazing, the things that fear can do to us. Losing weight affects so many aspects of our lives! I know that as I've lost weight, I've had a lot to deal with. This journey has spurred me to make a lot of important decisions, like deciding that I would like to be permanently sterilized. I love children to pieces, but I can't stand the fear that gets between my husband and myself, just because I am afraid of accidentally becoming pregnant- and what that would do to my heart and body. None of this was much of a concern when I was so overweight, because the weight disrupted my cycle to such an extent that I was infertile. Losing weight can change big things!

Ida said...

Yeah for the good weigh in! Your meals all look yummy! Be Blessed