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Monday, August 10, 2009

Foods For The Day

This morning, I had a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch for breakfast, with 2% milk. I used to use Almond Breeze all of the time, but I've gotten out of the habit, and it will take me a little while to train my mouth to like it again. *laughs* I also had a cup of coffee, with sweetener and 2 T. of creamer.

Come lunch time, I enjoyed a ham sandwich! I hadn't had one of those in quite a while, and it was enjoyable. I have 2 oz. of ham on standard white bread with mustard and lettuce. I was really wanting a tomato, but they are still green and hanging on my plants. *grins* I paired that with 6 oz. of broccoli, with a wee bit of salt for taste, and a cup of Crystal Light.

During the afternoon, I started to get a bit hungry, so I had a snack. I was tempted to eat something rather substantial, but I had a cheese stick and a cup of coffee instead. The combination helped me to get a handle on myself before I ripped into the big bag of cheese-y popcorn that my mom had bought while she was here.

We had dinner at church this evening. Pumpkin had VBS, and we adults were doing "chores" around the building that needed doing. I spent a good deal of time wiping down the chairs in the sanctuary, and anything else that looked dirty or dusty. I think that I was a good girl, at least as much as could be expected, when it was time for dinner. Hey, I was hungry after only eating the cheese stick, and then I walked into a room of pizza! What's a girl to do?

So, I had only one piece of pizza, a small salad, and a wee dessert. Oh, I can't forget the 4 oz. or so of fruit punch that I drank. I took a bite of my pizza before I realized that I could take a picture of my dinner with my phone. I know that some folks don't mind snapping pictures of their food while out in public, but I'm a little more shy. My phone though, gives the illusion that I am texting or something, instead of being weird by photographing my pizza for the internet. *wink*
When I got home, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went down to visit my neighbor to talk with him for a few minutes. He has bad legs and doesn't get out much, so I make a point to go over there about every day, just to talk for a while.
To take the edge off before bed, I'm having a Cup-A-Soup with a few FF crackers. It's late though, so I'm going to pass on taking the picture. That gives me a total of 1,513 calories for the day.

Goodnight, friends!


Ida said...

Sounds like you did good on your eating. I always have trouble when we eat at church. During VBS, our kitchen lady made sure there was always something I could eat available. Bless her heart. It's so nice of you to go visit the neighbor like that, I'm sure it's appreciated more than you'll ever know. Have a great night and an even better Tuesday.