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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foods For The Day

Breakfast was yummy this morning. I guess it just hit the spot. I just had a cup of Raisin Bran Crunch with watered down 2% milk. Add a banana and cup of coffee, and that's all deliciousness.

When lunch came around, I was happy to have found a Boca patty in the freezer! I cooked that bad boy up and steamed some mixed vegetables. Oh, and I can't forget the tablespoon of ketchup, because it is gooey wonderfulness. Really, Boca is just a ketchup delivery device. With half a can of soda to tickle my taste buds, I felt fat and happy. :o )
For an afternoon snack, I turned to the pineapple and cheese stick again. I really needed the cup of coffee! Veggies are all great, but I've been eating a ton of crap lately, so I'm doing battle with the munchies. I keep thinking that what I really need is a sweet bagel, toasted and slathered in butter. See? I really needed that cup of coffee. *laughs*

Dinner was very filling, which is just what I needed. I made a stroganoff with ground turkey, and enjoyed that with 4 oz. of mashed potato, and 2 servings of Fiesta vegetables. I had intended to drink the other half of my soda, but my daughter asked very sweetly if she could have the rest of it, after I had taken a couple of sips.
For nighttime snacks, I have some fresh cucumber that I peeled and sliced this evening. I normally eat the peel, but I didn't want to eat that so close to bed time. Too much roughage at night will upset my belly too much. I also "cooked" up a cup-a-soup, had some FF crackers, and added in a banana.

Well, that is all for me! That brings me up to a total of 1,476 calories for the day.