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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hangin' In There

I'm still around! I haven't posted my food for a couple of days, but I'm still trying to be careful about what goes in my mouth! I was right about retaining water, and needing that extra day before weighing in to see the number come down. My number was more palatable when I stepped on the scale this morning. I needed that. *smiles*

I haven't been tracking as closely as I probably should. I didn't write anything down today, but I know what I've had... including that extra serving of dressing that I should have skipped. I guess I was making up for the bit of my salmon and veggie lunch that I had to put in the fridge. I was just too full to enjoy it anymore, so I figured that I would save it for this evening some time, because I always get mad munchies at night. It probably wouldn't be so bad, except that I stay up way too late at night.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch with water-down 2% milk. Lunch was salmon and "fiesta" veggies. Dinner was a bigger meal- baked pork, au gratin potato, green beans, and dressing. Of course, there was that extra serving of dressing that I mentioned. Other than that, I think that I've had about three cups of coffee. I'd like to say that I'll be a good girl and not drink any more of that rich brown goodness, but that would probably be a lie. I'll try to stick to just one more though.

I've tried to stay busy today, but I'm struggling. I've gotten the main cleaning done, and the laundry is as done as the laundry ever gets. (Oh, you know how dishes and laundry are eternal. lol) I watched a couple of my shows and played with the dogs a bit. If I want to walk Goldie, I have to wear her out by throwing her tennis balls for her until she starts huffing and puffing. She's got a LOT of energy, and I can't run or get too rambunctious just yet. For exercise, I did take Goldie for a walk though. She did better with not pulling me all over the neighborhood, but I did still get a workout from controling her. I was wearing a dress, and I'm glad that I had thrown on shorts beneath it, because the big lug kept trying to hide under my skirt! She's 66 lbs. of excitable dog, and she's hiding under my skirt?! Nuts. Anyway, at least I got some exercise.

It's already 8 p.m. , and I'm not feeling the munchies yet, thankfully. My husband is sitting right in front of me, eating pudding and cookies, and I'm not feeling tempted in the slightest. That's a good sign, I guess. I've got work to do now, with dinner dishes still needing to be washed. I've been doing some drywall repair in my kitchen, because we mounted our dining table into a wall to serve as a "bar" between our kitchen and living room. It's been functional for a while, but now I'm working to make it prettier because I want to paint my kitchen. I've got to get the drywall stuff all done first though. So, I'm thinking that instead of worrying about eating out of boredom, I'm going to start doing a lot of home improvement projects around the house. I may not lay down the prettiest bead of caulk, but I'm sure that I'll get better with practice. My husband does building maintenance and HVAC work for a living, so you know that means that our house is always the last priority. *laughs* After doing that stuff all day, he doesn't want to come home and build, mud, sand, and paint. I wonder how many calories I can burn while painting the kitchen? I'll have to look it up. *grins*


Ida said...

You can come do my kitchen when you've finished with yours. I am wanting to redo the cabinets, paint, put on a new counter top and lay a new floor. Just a few things. LOL Hubby says all it takes is money....