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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I forgot to weigh in this morning. I was sleepy, and then I woke up and realized that I had a new book to read! So, I got started with a distracted mind, and I didn't even realize it was my WI day until this evening. Oops!

To be honest though, I'm not looking forward to stepping on the scale. I've been doing a terrible job with my eating. Really, it's just frustrated and makes me want to bang my head on a wall or something. It seems that I really am just lost without the gym. I like to eat. I like food a lot. By working out frequently, my mind is more frequently focused on the changes in my muscles and body shape. That's a good feeling. Without being able to indulge in that activity, I find that I'm grumpy and frustrated. I feel much the same way my dog does when she tears up everything under the sun, just looking for something good to occupy her.

I'm anxious to get back in the gym.


Ida said...

Maybe reading will take your mind off eating.... Hope it's a good book. You'll get back into the swing of things once you are fully recovered.