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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wee Victory and a Long-ish Walk

So far, this week, I am down by 1.5 lbs. since Monday. I'm not exactly sure how I've managed that, but I think that it has been by trying to do some decent thing around the house, and crocheting.

I've still been eating a little poorly. I haven't been terrible or anything, but things like eating cereal and milk for breakfast, and a pop tart (or two. I admit it.) sometime during the day. Dinner has been good, and lunch has been a little bit of whatever is leftover in the fridge. I've only been taking a wee helping of *something*, and chasing it with a cup of coffee. That yummy brew helps to chase away the hunger monster.

Though my eating hasn't been what I'd really consider "on plan", I've been trying to move a little more to help compensate. I'm not doing anything crazy, mind you. I've seen the top of my incision, and it's rather gross. It causes me to think of how gross it would look if I split it open. Ewww. So, I move carefully and follow my doctor's order to lift no more than 15 pounds, period.

Yesterday, I mopped and swept the kitchen, and then realized that the wall under the table was dirty. So, I sat on the floor with cleaner, a rag, and a scrub brush and cleaned up the wall and baseboards. That was maybe a little ambitious. I'm finding that it I actually have to use elbow grease, my abs are somehow involved in that process. So, now that I can see the difference between a clean baseboard and a dirty one, the other dirty ones will have to wait at least another week before I try cleaning them a couple feet at a time. I'm on restricted duty for at least a month, until I go back to see my doctor again.

Today, I became rather ambitious again also. A local church was having a "yard sale" kind of thing, and I wanted to go and see if they had any good jeans for my daughter. She is starting school for the first time, come this fall. We've home-educated since she was old enough to begin formal schooling, so this will be a big deal for all of us! For as much as we love those jeans with the sparkly butterflies and such, they cost too much money as a norm. But, I can find some awesome jeans for her at the thrift store and church sales, if I am careful. I even found her an adorable pink and chocolate brown 2-piece winter coat. Woohoo! Not only did I find good buys for my little girl, but I also found myself a red wool winter coat at the sale, for a whole $3.00 . It is just slightly snug, now that I've put on a few pounds through my belly/hips, but it is wearable. It will only become more comfortable as I work off these few unwanted pounds.

The difficult thing was getting my happy purchases back to the house. It is about a three mile trip to walk to and from the church, which isn't bad under normal circumstances. I'm not used to walking that far with this sore belly though. I wore my binder, and that was miserable in the heat. I thought it might help, to have my guts held in place. I brought my little wheeled cart to the church, and it was full for the trip home. I have a suspicion that I may have been pushing the limit to what I could safely do, pulling the cart home. You know, it makes me wish that working dogs were allowed inside buildings! I would have let my big dog pull the cart for me, and it would have saved me a lot of effort! *grins*

Well, the coffee is done brewing, so I'm going to go and sit down and rest for a little while. I'm nearly done with the blanket that I am crocheting for a neighbor. She just had a new little baby girl, and I wanted to bring her a handmade blanket, especially since I gifted her toddler with one just a couple of months ago. I think that the latest blanket is so pretty, and I'll post a picture of it later, once I have it done.