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Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Craziness

Goodness, I really need to get a handle on how I deal with food when my husband is around. There is something about watching him eat waffles, dripping with butter and syrup, that just makes me feel like an insane creature.

What has me pretty upset is that I did so well all week, and was looking forward to a decent number on the scale. Now I don't know what I'm going to be looking at. I've got to drink a lot of water today, because I ate a ton of salt and sugar. So, now I'm all puffed up and bloated from things like PB & J sandwiches and potato chips. *sigh*

This sort of thing makes me a little angry. I don't expect myself to be perfect, but if I could limit myself to one foolish meal, or even just one day- that would be more acceptable. It seems that once that line is crossed, I have a terrible time trying to pull it back and get on track again.

Today is a different day though, and now that I am alone with my food, it will be easier. I'm going to tweak things a little to help me get through this recovery day, and we'll see how the water weight responds. I really think that I need a good two days in order to see a sufficient loss of water weight, but I don't have that with a Tuesday weigh-in. So, I'll just see what I have, and learn my lesson.