Current Happenings

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Closing Up The Week

This week has been a pretty good week for me! I've worked hard, harder than last week. I've also done a real good job staying "on plan" with my calorie budget. I've still eaten things that I enjoy, but not too much. I've also been very careful to make sure that none of my desserts were foods that trigger crazy behavior.

What makes me feel so great about the job that I've done is that I received my monthly "gift" this morning, which means that I've made it through all of the PMS weirdo munchie crazies. Now, I feel miserable enough that I don't really care to indulge in anything. I'm going to have to watch my water intake though, because my urge is to drink a lot of hot, soothing coffee.

I ordered a used copy of "Body For Life" this week. I'm going to poke through it and see if there is anything in there that could help me out. I also need to find my book on weight training for women. I want to make a more solid workout schedule, at least for just a couple weeks at a time. I think that specifically targeting different muscle groups and such will help stave off any sense of boredom.