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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Last night, my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Of course, we started in typical form, with him calling me as I was headed home from school, telling me that he was going to be a couple hours late from work. I was a mite annoyed, particularly because I had eaten so sparingly throughout the day, knowing that we were going out for dinner. Then, I come to find him sitting in his favorite chair, grinning at me. He just loves to pull my leg and aggravate me. Apparently, that is how he shows me that he loves me. *laughs*

I love what exercising and being in better shape gets me. I was able to spend the entire evening in a ridiculously high pair of high-heeled boots. They were just so gorgeous and sexy, and it felt great to strut around in a little skirt and tall, sexy boots. (I did shop for a more classy dress, but then it struck me that my husband just isn't that kind of guy. *LMBO*) Anyway, it was wonderful to make it through the whole night without having to slip my shoes off, because heels usually destroy my knees and feet.

For dinner, we went to the Olive Garden. We very rarely ever eat out anywhere, and the commercials for their pasta have just been taunting me for months. So, that is where my husband took me! We skipped the appetizers and just had drinks and a salad. I did splurge though, and ordered a strawberry daiquiri. I'm not really a drinker, but that was so nice. When our dinners arrived, I found that my drink was very cool and cleansing. Unfortunately, that may have contributed to my having eaten so much of it!! Heehee...

My meal was the mezzaluna ravioli with sausage that I kept drooling over on the tv. I thought about getting the shrimp, but I'm just not a seafood gal. (I'm just turned off to it, since I have a mild allergy to some shellfish.) I left about 95% of the sausage on the plate, but I sure did eat those little cheese-filled raviolis. Oh yum. Seriously. I felt like sighing every time one of those pretty little ravioli gave up their cheese filling. The tomato alfredo sauce was absolutely wonderful. Can you tell that I eat a lot of plain chicken?? *chuckles*

Oh goodness, I'm sure that I took a huge calorie hit last night. I can't bring myself to caring about it though. Sure, I'll pay on the scale, but everything has a price. I'm willing to work a little harder now, to balance out the splurge.

After dinner, we went to the theater and watched "Couples Retreat". Being the rather 'off color' people that we are, we thought it was pretty funny. It was nice to watch a movie that was about married people, and even better that it was about married people rediscovering what it is that they love about each other. I think that my husband nearly turned purple, he was laughing so hard, when the "be the ass" scene came up at the end of the movie. Don't we all want to be hardworking, stubborn, immovable creatures when it comes to our grasp on our love? *laughs* Gotta love a man who says, "I'll be the best ass for you". *LMBO*

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years already! Then again, time is a funny thing. It seems like just yesterday that he was sitting with me at the library, distracting me from my algebra with his long hair, chocolate colored eyes, and big black boots. His hair is shorter these days, thanks to the expectations that come with being a professional. Still, he looks at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, and he makes my heart melt.

Here we go, workin' on pinning down our first decade....


Brooke said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like you had a great time - and no regrets!! I think it's healthy to splurge every once in a while - especially on an occasion such as that!! Fun post.