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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Light Week

This week, I'm going to have to take it easy. I'm feeling a bit of discomfort in my abdomen, and I don't want to hurt myself. So, I've got to back things off and take it easy. Since I want to start working on the Body for Life 12 week program, that will give me some time to get organized and work out my food choices, along with the exercises that I can safely do.

I went to the book store this morning, and I got a blank journal to log my workouts and foods. If it seems like it will be helpful, I will post my experiences and results here on my blog also.

One of my first orders of business will be "before" pics, so I can better see any differences. Numbers don't mean a lot to me, not since before my injury, when I lost only 11 lbs. but my body composition changed so dramatically. I hate to feel like I am starting all over again, but I'm sure that it will all work out well so long as I pay attention to what my body is telling me.

My only concern is that I'm not supposed to be measuring my food in the same way that I'm used to. That actually has me a little .... scared. That seems more than a little stupid, but I guess I worry that I'll end up accidentally eating too much, and end up with negative results. Then again, with the weight training, it's not as though it would be a true negative. At least I would still be getting stronger, even if it took me a little longer to burn off the extra fat as I try to acclimate.

All in all, I'm rather excited by the prospect.


gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Along with pictures, how about doing your measurements? Sometimes a half inch is hard to see, but you still need to take credit for what you're doing.

.::. Jennifer .::. said...

I get my measurements taken every month at my gym, so I've got that covered. Coincidentally, I'm due to have my measurements taken on the first day that I begin week 1 of BFL. :)