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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loggin da Munchies for Friday

Friday, Oct. 16th

2 packets Strawberry oatmeal

1 c. Coffee
1 Special K Protein bar

1 egg on toast

3 oz. chicken w/ 1 slice American cheese
4 oz. yellow squash, 4 0z. zucchini

1 med. apple w/ 2 T peanut butter & 1 serving peanut butter chips

1 String Cheese stick

1,290 Calories

My food was pretty boring yesterday, except for my apple snack. I told my husband that I was VERY low on my calories, but I didn't know what to eat. Nothing looked good or sounded good. I've had apples and peanut butter somewhat frequently, but DH thought that I should add some peanut butter chips that I had in the fridge. He was right on there. Boy, that was just the little bit of something that made my wee snack feel like a decadent dessert.