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Friday, October 16, 2009

Loggin da Munchies for Thursday

Here is what I ate yesterday. I know, it's getting pretty boring, eh? lol

Thursday, Oct. 15th

1 packet Strawberry oatmeal
1 Special K Protein Bar

1 packet Hawaiian Punch SF drink mix

1 c. Coffee
1 egg on toast
1 String Cheese

"Smart Ones" Lasagna
4 oz. yellow squash, 4 oz. zucchini

1 c. Jello w/ non-dairy whipped topping
1 c. Coffee
30 g. Fiber One

1,170 Calories

Yet again, my calories were a little low. I don't know. Really, I just didn't feel all that hungry. I knew when it was time to eat dinner because I started feeling kind of "weird". I didn't feel like I was going to faint exactly, but my head didn't feel like it was on quite straight. I didn't mean to put my dinner off for as long as I did, but that is the hard thing about eating things that are completely different from my family. I always cook their meal first, and then get something for myself.

Even though my number is low, I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I even nibbled a snack while watching tv in bed (Fiber One). I'm sure that my food intake will be a little higher for the next three days, though I hope to keep it in check.

Last night, I pulled my abdomen a bit. I think that I know what extracurricular activity has caused my pain. I'll have to be more careful about how I move myself in the future. I hope that I've only given my guts a little tweak, and that I didn't actually HURT anything. Since I'm not feeling 100%, and I don't want to risk a bad injury, I'm out of the gym today. That will give me three days of rest to try and recover. Now I just need to find something to do with myself, so I'm not sitting at home and staring at the fridge all day.

Oh, and why is XJ9 on my blog post? Just because I like Jenny! lol