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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Loggin da Munchies for Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 21th

1 packet oatmeal
1 c. Coffee

1 Special K Protein bar (post-workout)

1 egg on light toast
1 c. Coffee

1 General Tso chicken bowl w/
3 oz. corn

1 light cupcake w/ 1 T. light frosting
1/2 c. SF ice cream

1 Pure Protein bar

1,347 Calories

Wholly Cow!! That wee little cupcake and 1/2 c. of SF ice cream just about made my head pop off. At least the servings were small. I would have had to throw some away if there had been any more.

It will feel good to start this new day now, and NOT have all of the running around to do. Yesterday (Wednesday), was a day full of grocery shopping. We've made a concerted effort to restock the pantry, and it's been rather exhausting. I'm surprised that I let it become so diminished, but I've just had my head stuck in the right here, right now.

Well, the gym is calling. I focused on lower body yesterday, so I'm going to hit the weights kind of hard today for my upper body. I still haven't decided whether it is the treadmill or elliptical for my cardio today. I'd like to get back in the pool, but I can't do that until my tattoo heals. At least it isn't so sore today, so I was able to put a t-shirt over it. That makes it possible for me to lay on the weight bench and such, without worrying about pressing my unhealed skin against something that has seen a million sweaty behinds.

Oh, and I just had to put Jesse on here. It's a Jesse kind of day. *laughs*