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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Made it!

Yay! Today has been a good day, even though I've felt exhausted and hungry. I packed my gym bag last night, so I was all set when I dropped Pumpkin off at school. I hurried over to the foo-foo gym and squeezed myself into my small(er) bathing suit and the obnoxiously orange flip flops that I stole from my husband. *laughs*

Since I was sore this morning, I hopped in the hot tub first off. That was quite blissful. When I started to feel overheated, I got out and relaxed on a lounge until I was cool enough to get into the pool. I was early for the water aerobics class, which turned out to be a very good thing. I got in the pool and started with a few laps, and it didn't feel very good. My abdomen was feeling pretty nasty, so I switched to jogging in the pool. Eventually I started to loosen up and I wasn't in as much discomfort.

I'm a little bit worried, and just hoping that I'm having weirdness, just because I'm weird- as is my body. There is that pesky little fact that my husband and I weren't careful enough recently, and I'm afraid that there is a chance that I might find myself multiplying. *sigh* I don't put a ton of stock in cycle calculators and all of that, but the timing of our mistake was just very bad. So, I'm hoping that my abdominal discomfort is just a consequence surgery. I feel terrible for praying that I am not pregnant, especially because we would love to have a baby. Given my history though, I just couldn't feel good about it. It's a real shame that my insurance won't pay for sterilization. I would prefer to just do that and not have to worry about these things.

Anyway, I spent about a half hour jogging in the pool. By the time water aerobics started, I was feeling quite a bit better. I was smiling on the inside, watching all of my "old birds" shuffling over and getting into the pool. There is no getting around the fact that the water aerobics class is filled 90%+ with elderly ladies. I just adore my "old birds" though. They are sassy and fun.

After the pool, I put my gym clothes on and went upstairs for some weight training. I like the quiet of using the free weights. They aren't used a whole lot at the foo-foo gym, so I was able to stay in my little corner and get in a some upper body work. I did choose to use a couple of machines though. I wanted to hit the lat press and to get some rows in. My triceps and lats are a little tender tonight. I'm not quite sore, but I feel them.

Tomorrow, I am going to hit the pool again. It just feels good to start there, and then work into more strenuous activity. I need to get some lower body work in too, so that will be my focus on the weight floor.

My meals were pretty good today. I started with my oatmeal, which is kind of boring, but works. I don't feel like really cooking in the morning, and I can't eat cereal. This what I've had today:
Oatmeal w/ fixins
(raisins, coconut, almonds)
278 Calories

Ham Sandwich and 2 serv. Mixed Vegetables
Approx. 378 Calories

Special K Protein bar
Small Chocolate Muffin
253 Calories

47 g. Chicken Breast
General Tso Rice Bowl
412 Calories

Light Popcorn
1 c. Coffee
101 Calories

That is 1,421 calories for those like me, who can't be bothered to add it all up. *laugh* (I have Fitday to do that for me.) I have some wiggle room there, since that is a little low for where I am shooting for. I might have a little snack of something before I try and go to sleep, since I've been terribly hungry today. Being in that water really wiped me out for some reason, and I've been longing after a nap all day today. Instead of sleeping, I've been putzing around the house, and fighting some gnawing hunger. I might question whether I'm truly hungry, except that my stomach keeps growling like a beast.


Brooke said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I've been missing you. Things get crazy - trust me, I understand.

Yes, I'm feeling better. You'll have to check my blog later - I'm working on a post about my hair. . . you're the first to know - I CUT IT!!!