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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Of Step Aerobics & Hot Tubs

Ok, I did get myself on here yesterday to whine and complain about how much the step aerobics class kicked my donkey, but then didn't come back to recap the rest of my day! I think that it is because my mind was focused squarely on my arse. *laughs*

Being clear of mind and focused today, I can see that I need to keep doing these painful things, less I completely wuss out. After all, how am I going to see what I'm capable of if I never push beyond my comfort zone? The hard part is that I have a terrible time pushing myself. I need to have someone else take the reins so I can get out of my head and just get my arse moving. I am the vampiritic minion of exercise, listening to my instructor with the only reply on my tongue being, "Yes Master...". *chuckles* Sure, I can be tripping over my own feet and ready to face-plant into the carpet with exhaustion, but "can't" doesn't fit well in my vocabulary.

Before I get too into the whole exercise thing, let me scribble down my foods for Monday on this post here, before they get lost.

Monday, Oct. 12th

1 packet blueberry oatmeal
1 Muscle Milk protein bar

Toasted ham sandwich
1 c. Coffee

3 oz. Chicken Breast, 4 oz. Mashed Potato
4 oz. zucchini, 4 oz. yellow squash

1 piece Pumpkin Pie w/ non-dairy "whipped cream"
1 c. Coffee

1 med. Apple

1,439 Calories

Ta da! Food. While I was making dinner, I was lucky that I didn't burn my own hair in the oven. Seriously, I was dragging tail badly. My sister kept looking at me with a concerned look, but I think that she was probably just worried that she'd have to pick my crispy tresses out of her chicken breast. *laughs*

This morning, I felt like a block of concrete. I was pretty sure that parts of me were going to crumble off as I tried to get out of bed. Stiff!! Ouch!! My shoulders and chest are sore from weight training, though not anywhere near as painful as my legs and butt.

Since I was in such discomfort, I went straight for the hot tub when I got to the gym. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to rub out some of the stiffness as the bubbles shook all of my floppy parts. Nothing makes me so aware of how jiggly my thighs are like the bubbles do. Ok, maybe when I'm swimming in the pool. Then I feel like a wee hippopotamus, pushing through the water. You know, they are adorable, but all squishy and roll-ey too. *laughs*

I did swim around and try to get loose in the pool. That worked with moderate success. At least I was pretty active for 30 minutes. Then I went upstairs and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. The swimming was more enjoyable.

It crossed my mind that maybe I should leave off the classes for a little bit, until I feel stronger. After all, I am just coming back after surgery. However... I have had a decent amount of time to heal, and I'm not doing anything that adds even the slightest twinge of discomfort to my abdomen. So, I think that I should just get over my current state of wuss, and get back on the lesson floor! I wanted to do new things and have new experiences, and how can I do that if I get caught up in sore muscles and worry over looking like an idiot?

Riiiight. I've got to keep doing, even though I am a little embarrassed, and more than a little out of shape.