Current Happenings

Friday, October 30, 2009

Road Food. Bleck.

I was doing pretty well today, at least for a weird day. It all started with a bowl of Frankenberry cereal this morning. I don't normally eat cereal in the morning, but it's hard to not eat a little foo-foo Halloween cereal once a year. lol

I had a late lunch, because I was busy with grocery shopping and dealing with school stuff. So, once I was able to stop running, I hurriedly grabbed a Healthy Choice meal while I had a chance. It was ok. I wasn't in the mood for it, but I was crunched for time and had a lot to do. I did try something new right before I left with my husband for a 5 hour trip. I tried some Chobani Greek yogurt, and realized that it probably isn't going to be for me. I threw in a few raisins and a wee bit of almond slices. Still, I had to mix in a little water to thin it out, because I just couldn't get the stuff down. It was just too thick.

While on the road, my husband and I snacked on a few Cheetos. We shared, and didn't have too many. It was just hard trying to get through the evening, hungry and under the stress of driving through heavy traffic in crappy weather. Before starting home, we pulled in at McDonald's to use the bathroom and grab something to eat. I chose a Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT, that ended up just being a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato. I did splurge though, and we got a chocolate milkshake. I ate all of the sandwich, though I shouldn't have. I knew about halfway through that I was done. I don't know why I kept eating it. I only ate a few fries and gave the rest to my husband. I had probably about 1/3 of the milkshake. Mike had another 1/3, and the rest is melting into foamy ick in the cup holder in the car. *laughs*

Yeah, my evening food pretty much sucked. I wish that I could say that I felt bad about it, but I think that I'm too tired to manage it. :o ) I have been so wiped out lately. I don't know what is going on with me. I am so tired lately. I wake up tired. Sometimes I even take a nap, because I can't keep my eyes open. Then, I'm ready to drop around 8:30 pm or so. It's ridiculous. My husband gets up incredibly early on Fridays, so that means that I'm awake too. So, I've been up all day and busy, and then spent 5 hours sitting in the car and diligently playing navigator while being afraid we were going to slide off the wet road. Oy. I'm just too tired to give a hoot about anything other than finding my pillow. *yawns*

I'm glad that tomorrow is going to be an easier day. I don't have a lot going on, and I can putter away the morning, chopping veggies and relaxing. I'm going to try eating eggplant again. I didn't like it last time, because it was so chewy. I think that cutting it up into smaller pieces will help, or at least that is what I'm hoping. I found some awesome beef & chicken bullion powders that have incredibly low sodium, so I can make some small servings of gravy to put over my meats if I want. Then again, I could just have some soup that doesn't make me blow up like a puffer fish. I'll try to show you some of my goodies that I picked up when I get online tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to go find that elusive pillow. Here is my parting thought....