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Friday, November 6, 2009

Flu Hurts

Well, after nursing my sick child for days, I now have the flu also. Blah. At least it seems to be mild right now. My lungs ache real bad, and my body hurts in ways that I didn't think were really possible. I feel like maybe Jillian Michaels came over and whooped my donkey while I was sleeping, and all that is left is the pain to give it away. I can't even close my hands all the way. I should at least have some gorgeous muscles, in order to experience so much stiffness and discomfort.

I'm pretty disappointed, because I knew that I had to take a week away from the gym to let my abdomen 'rest'. I had pulled the muscle a bit while exercising, and the last thing that I want is to tear that open again. It really sucked to do it the first time! So, now that my belly feel well enough to get back in the gym, I'm sick. It's a mite frustrating. I feel like I'm going to turn to Jello before I can get my behind back in the gym. The only real positive thing is that it's giving my tattoo some time to heal, so hopefully I can get back in the pool by the time that I feel better.

So long as I can breathe alright, and my lungs don't try to pop out of my chest, I think that I will try hiking the basement stairs a little bit today. I'm going to do it slowly and carefully, and some of it is even necessary. lol I need to wash my daughter's clothes, as her hamper has been neglected and is now trying to take over her room. I just want to spend a few minutes getting my largest muscles doing some activity. I'm also going to continue with the deep-breathing exercises that I began last night. Hopefully it will help me to oxygenate my blood as much as possible.